Yggdrasill and Keltia

Last week we released a free PDF for The Laundry RPG, disclosed more details about The SOE Handbook (for World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour), took a look at the layout for The Lone Wolf Adventure Game and delighted in the fact that two of our products have been nominated for an Origins Award.

Oh, and we also revealed that Keltia will be up for pre-order this week (tomorrow, in fact!), which means that we’ve got another busy week ahead of us as we saddle up and ride for Mythic Britain.

If you’re interest has been piqued in Keltia, you might also be interested in its sister game, Yggdrasill, a roleplaying game of Norse adventure that uses the same system, and is set at roughly the same time. In today’s post we take a fresh look at it and how you might use both games together...

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Yggdrasill is a roleplaying game of exciting adventure in a mythical Scandinavia. In it you take on the role of a hero in the Scandia of legend; intrigue, combat, quests, magic and mythic creatures await!

As heroes questing for adventure, glory or immortality, you’ll take part in great battles from the snowbound plains of Jylland to the courts of kings. Perhaps your characters will be recognised by Odin the Formidable himself and taken to his feasting hall in Valhalla to prepare for the Last Battle between the Giants and the Gods – Ragnarök itself!

Just as Keltia is set in a mythic version of British history, where Arthurian legend and Celtic myth are real, so too is Yggdrasill set in a mythic version of Scandia, where Norse mythology is real. Midgard, is but one of the Nine Worlds that surrounds the world tree, Yggdrasill. Trolls and other fierce beasts lurk in the woods, there are duergar and alfar if you know where to find them, and there really is a realm of Giants and Gods.

Both games are set in Europe in the 5th century AD, meaning that there’s cross-over potential abound. Perhaps your Norse adventurers set off West into exile, crossing the North Sea to the isle of Ynys Prydein, the land of Keltia. Your cross-over might be subtler still; perhaps you will keep your Keltia and Yggdrasill campaigns separate, but have word of the exploits of the adventurers in one campaign reach the ears of those in another. Perhaps NPCs might be common to both, whether merchants and traders in northern Europe or Saxon and Angle raiders.

Making the ability to use both games side by side even easier is that they both use the same system. This means that NPCs and monsters from one game can easily be used in the other. Likewise additional rules or even adventures in Yggdrasill’s supplements might readily be pillaged for ideas to use in your Keltia games. The Keltia Core Rulebook even has an appendix that describes how you might convert elements from one game to the other.

Heroes of the North! Your legend starts here!

Yggdrasill and its two supplements – The Nine Worlds and Kings of the Sea – are out in stores now, or can be ordered from our webstore. The Keltia Core Rulebook is available to pre-order from tomorrow.


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