Yggdrasill – A look at The Nine Worlds

As part of our in-depth look at Yggdrasill this week ahead of the launch of Kings of the Sea, we thought we’d take a look at the game’s first supplement, The Nine Worlds.

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In the shadow of Yggdrasill lies more than just the world of men. From the realm of the Gods to the dark domain of Hel, nine worlds stretch out across her roots and branches. Those who travel beyond the world of men had best be prepared. Dragons and Giants await; and neither the Gods or the Draugr take kindly to uninvited guests. The Nine Worlds takes you on a tour of the realms beyond mortal men. Each world is given a detailed description, including the creatures and Gods that make it their home, allowing you to take your sagas to new and fantastical lands. The supplement also contains three new adventures and a host of additional material for your games.

The Nine Worlds contains:

  • Fantastical new realms to explore, such as the domains of the duergar and the alfar.
  • New magic items.
  • New monsters to fight, from giants and the walking dead to sea serpents and dragons.
  • Three new adventures – Winter’s Fall, The Hunter and The Forgotten Oath, the continuation of the epic Yggdrasill campaign.
  • Four ready-made NPCs, complete with adventure hooks for GMs to use.

The Nine Worlds is available to buy in all good game stores now, as well as from our webstore or in PDF.

The Nine Worlds Extract

One of the kingdoms I strode along was Jotunheim, land of

the Jotnar. Whether they are storm giants or frost giants, cursed

be this race.” Harbard started. “May or send them back home,

to the East!” Bjorn and orbrand answered as one, laughing.


Click on the image to download an extract from The Nine Worlds.


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