World War Cthulhu: Cold War – Kickstarter Ends Tomorrow!

Cold War Packshot550There's just one day to go on the World War Cthulhu: Cold War Kickstarter and we've spent the weekend busting through stretch goals, but you've still got time left to get involved (and grab a copy of the limited-edition core book or the Kickstarter-exclusive Cold War handouts) before it comes to an end. Make sure you help spread the word too - on Facebook, G+, Twitter, forums, dead drops, numbers station - as the more people who get involved before the end of the Kickstarter, the better the game becomes for everyone!

World War Cthulhu: Cold War is a Call of Cthulhu setting full of thrilling espionage, tense horror and sudden betrayal set at the height of the Cold War in the 1970s. The Kickstarter runs until 5pm on Tuesday, 21st July, and there are some great books for you to get your hands on – including a deluxe, limited-edition copy of the core setting book. You can pledge your support here.

In today's blog post, we thought we'd take a look at the story so far, and bring you up to speed if you've not been paying enough attention in the briefings.

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With this Kickstarter, we're launching a brand-new setting for Call of Cthulhu, set at the height of the Cold War in the 1970s, one of the most paranoid and chaotic conflicts of the 20th century. But we need your help to bring this setting to life with a bang, create the best core setting book possible and develop awesome expansions.

WWC infographic 1

At the heart of the Kickstarter is the Core Setting Book, which contains all the background and rules you need - alongside the Call of Cthulhu rulebook - to play World War Cthulhu: Cold War. Take a look at the Table of Contents and read more about what you can expect to find in it here.

We've just unlocked a new stretch goal for the Core Setting Book too, which expands it from 224 to 240 pages, considerably expanding the chapter on Intelligence Theatres in the process. We’ll go into much more depth on several of the crucial theatres of war, as well as spotlighting some of the key cities in more detail. We’ll also throw in even more plot seeds and mission briefings.

As well as the standard edition of the Core Setting Book, we're also offering a deluxe, limited-edition edition, which will be foil-stamped with a leather-effect cover. This will be extremely limited, but by backing the Kickstarter you can be sure to get one for yourself!

WWC CW structure of play550

In World War Cthulhu: Cold War you play Western intelligence agents engaged in the struggle of ideologies against the Soviet Union, but you are also a member Section 46, who are pledged to fight the more insidious foe of the Mythos. We posed the questions  "what is Section 46?" here and "what do you do in the game" here.

We've also started to show off some of the fantastic art from the game too, starting with the iconic characters you can see below. If you click on the image, you can download a PDF dossier that contains classified information about the characters too.

WWC montage

We've already funded a bunch of stretch goals for the campaign book - Yesterday's Men - making the campaign a six-parter. This book will see the investigators attempting to unravel the loyalties of fellow Section 46 agents in a globe-trotting campaign that will take them from the heart of East Berlin to Jordan, the Ukraine, Somalia and beyond. You can find out more about the campaign here.

WWC CW info stretch unlocks2 550


As well as the Core Setting Book and the campaign, we've also got three more supplements in the works too: the scenario supplement, Covert Actions; the US sourcebook, Our American Cousins; and the player's guide, the Section 46 Operations Manual. We're in the middle of expanding these supplements through stretch goals at the moment too - which you can read about here.

rolling us up

We've also passed a Kickstarter-exclusive stretch goal - a PDF of Handouts for use as props, inspiration and clues in your own game - and in just another £5000, we'll unlock it as a printed, die-cut card version too. If you've seen the London boxed set for Cthulhu Britannica, you'll know how great those will be! You can read more about that here.


Of course, World War Cthulhu: Cold War is the second in the World War Cthulhu series, acting as a direct sequel to our Second World War setting, World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour. We discuss how the two settings relate, as well as how you might take characters - and plots, and enemies - from one setting to the other here.

Cold War whosside

Finally, we've identified line developer Scott Dorward as a mole in the project - he's been leaking secrets like a sieve, talking on the Good Friends of Jackson Elias podcast as well as the Miskatonic University podcast. If you want to know the inside scoop on the setting - including who exactly is H? - then check them out, before we send in 'The Cleaners.'

The Kickstarter runs for just one more day - until 5pm, Tuesday 21st July - and we’d really appreciate your help, not just by pledging your support but also by helping us to spread the link – so make sure you share news of the campaign far and wide on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media. The more people who back the project, the bigger and better the setting will be for everyone!

The Setting

Western intelligence is possessed. Very few have heard of Section 46, and even fewer actually believe it exists, a loose cabal of agents drawn from across the western powers’ intelligence and military apparatus. Agents who have had a brush with something unworldly, alien and evil. Agents like you.

You work for the shadowy spymaster N against the insidious influence of the Mythos, but the enigmatic H also haunts the dreams of many agents. Active players in the Cold War, you need to maintain the confidence of your ‘home’ agency amid an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion. At any one time you might be engaged in multiple missions for multiple agencies, but not really clear as to where any of them have come from. Which mission objectives are valid and which must be kept deniable? Which are right, which are wrong? And can you really tell the difference?

You are forced to deal with forces the human mind cannot comprehend – the balance of power, the threat of nuclear war, and the ever-present danger posed by the Mythos. You don’t know who to trust any more – least of all yourself.

The Kickstarter

We want to bring you a fantastic new hardback setting book filled with evocative background, intriguing mysteries, inspirational advice and stunning artwork, to really do this era justice. Not only are we offering you the chance to get hold of the World War Cthulhu: Cold War hardback core book, but also to get a very limited-edition deluxe copy of the book too.

If you’ve seen any of our books before, you’ll know we pride ourselves on our high production values, and World War Cthulhu: Cold War will be no exception. Cubicle 7’s previous Call of Cthulhu products come very highly recommended, and have won ENnie and Origins Awards.

As well as the award winning core Cubicle 7 team, we’ve assembled an awesome team of industry heavyweights such as Mike Mason (Call of Cthulhu line editor at Chaosium), Paul Fricker (co-author of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition), Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (line developer for The Laundry RPG and author of The Darkening of Mirkwood for The One Ring) and Scott Dorward (line developer for World War Cthulhu). We’ll have amazing art from the likes of Jon Hodgson, Scott Purdy and others.

The Books

Cold War Packshot550

This Kickstarter includes the following books:

World War Cthulhu: Cold War core setting book

The hardcover core setting book contains all the information you need to run a World War Cthulhu: Cold War game, brought to you by our amazing team of designers, writers and artists. As well as a standard hardcover, we’re also making a deluxe embossed, foil-stamped editions.

Section 46 Operations Manual - Player's Guide

The line between spy and criminal is often so thin as to be invisible. A good spy needs to lie convincingly, break into places he or she doesn't belong, forge documents, steal secrets, blackmail potential informants and, when all else fails, kill with ruthless efficiency. Above all, they need to evade capture while doing all these things.

Section 46 operates even further in the shadows than most intelligence organisations. Their activities are unsanctioned, their methods brutal and their enemies sometimes inhuman. The Section 46 Operations Manual is a handbook for players, designed to teach them how best to succeed and survive in this murky world, or at least how to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.

If you’ve seen The SOE Handbook for World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect here – it’ll be packed full of real-world espionage techniques and weaponry, as well as rules for using them in your game.

Our American Cousins – Setting Supplement

The Special Relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States has led the two countries to share classified intelligence in pursuit of mutual goals since the Second World War. This relationship isn't always without its hiccups, however, and even the best of friends keep secrets sometimes.

There is another, murkier relationship that is more secret still. Former members of the OSS, trained by British agents in Canada during the war, have long since moved into key positions of the CIA and other agencies. Many of these people fought in the secret war of Network N, retaining contact the post-war years. Now, even as Section 46 has moved into the shadows, these agents are still subverting the machinery of US foreign actions to fight enemies older and deadlier than the Soviet Union.

This book provides additional character creation options for American agents of Section 46, along with details of the intelligence agencies they have infiltrated and a number of missions tied to American covert missions on both domestic and foreign soil.

Yesterday's Men - Campaign Book

Renke and his team, loyal members of Network N, stayed behind in East Germany after the Iron Curtain fell. For almost thirty years they have pretended to be good citizens to the authorities, good spies to their controllers in SIS and good cultists to those they were really infiltrating. As retirements and deaths erode N's hidden network within SIS, Renke's team are all but forgotten, ghosts in a foreign land.

A sudden crisis brings Renke’s team back to N's attention, and the questions start to mount. Who are they working for now? Have their minds been destroyed by the horrors they've witnessed or perpetrated? How much of a danger do they now pose to their supposed allies? A small team from Section 46 will need to head into East Berlin to learn the truth and deal with the consequences, no matter where this takes them.

This is a six-part, globe-trotting campaign. You can read far more about it here.

Covert Actions – Scenario Supplement 

You've been told that Heinrich is in possession of the clay tablets, but there are also rumours that he's working for the Stasi. You almost laughed when you heard that. Life would be so much simpler if Heinrich were just a double-agent, but you're pretty sure he's not even human. Still, if you can get him what he wants, maybe only the right people need to die today. 

This collection of scenarios for World War Cthulhu: Cold War presents all the dangerous missions, unreliable allies, confused agendas and blatant falsehoods you'll need to keep your players looking over their shoulders for months to come.


The Kickstarter runs for just one more day - until 5pm, Tuesday 21st July - and we’d really appreciate your help, not just by pledging your support but also by helping us to spread the link – so make sure you share news of the campaign far and wide on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media. The more people who back the project, the bigger and better the setting will be for everyone!


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