Who’s your favourite Classic Doctor and Companion?

Last week we announced the Classic Doctors Edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game, jam packed full of Classic-era artwork. In today’s blog we show off a few of the cards, as well as ask you which Doctor and companion you want us to show next!

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Originally the Classic Doctors Edition began as an expansion for Doctor Who: The Card Game, but it quickly became apparent as we started picking our favourite episodes, enemies and companions that there was too much great material to squeeze in. So instead we decided to release it as a standalone card game, packed full of Classic-era Who goodness.

ClassicDoctors FourthDoctorRomanaDalek

We showed these cards off yesterday on our Facebook page – everyone's favourite Classic-era Doctor, the Fourth Doctor, as well as one of two versions of Romana included in the game, and one of many marks of Cybermen included.

But now we’re left with something of a dilemma – who to show off next? Everyone's got their favourite Doctor and companion, after all, and here in the Cubicle 7 bunker we just can’t decide!

So head on over to Twitter, G+ or Facebook and leave a comment as to which Doctor and companion you’d like to see next – and why! We’ll unveil the Doctor and companion with the most votes later in the week!


Kicking things off, here are Andrew and Jon’s favourite Doctors and companions:

Andrew: “Everyone has their Doctor, the one who was on TV when they were growing up, the one they always look back with a certain misty-eyed fondness for, and mine was the Eighth Doctor. As for my favourite companion, well it has to be Sarah Jane, doesn’t it? Feisty and strong-willed enough to be the Doctor’s equal – and the only Classic companion to return to the modern incarnation of the show!”

Jon: “There's actually a correct answer to this question and it's the Fourth Doctor. Favourite companion is a bit tougher. I'm going to cheat a little bit and say Peri, because her card, painted by Scott Purdy is one of my favourites in the new Classic Doctors set.


Is this the same game/set of rules as Doctor Who: The Card Game 1st and 2nd Editions?

Yes, the rules of the game are the same as Doctor Who: The Card Game 2nd Edition, including the 2-player variant. The card art is entirely new, however.

How many cards are in the set?

There 132 cards in the set, all of them with new artwork.

Can I shuffle this and the other games together?

Yes, or you could mix and match cards from between the different editions too. The card backs are subtly different, but this won't affect the game itself.

When is it coming out?

The Classic Doctors Edition will be available to pre-order soon, and will be in stores Winter 2015.

I want to make sure you send me a copy as soon as possible. Can I pre-order?

Yes of course! You'll be able to pre-order the game from our webstore soon, as well as in all good games shops.

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