What is Qin?

Yesterday we brought you exciting news about the Asia Fantastic Bundle of Holding, which amongst other great books contains pretty much the entirety of the Qin: The Warring States line (so far...). You can find out more about the bundle here, or go straight to it!

But what is Qin: The Warring States? Well, it's our roleplaying game of exciting wuxia adventure in a mythical Ancient China where dragons, demons and ghosts are real, and heroes wield mystical powers. In this article we thought we'd take a closer look.

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Qin: The Warring States  (pronounced CHIN) is a roleplaying game of exciting adventure in a mythical China. In it you play a hero of Chinese legend – intrigue, combat, quests, magic and supernatural creatures await you!

In it you will enter the epic world of Warring States China, a world of colourful myths and timeless legends, bold wu xia and beautiful courtesans, wise scholars and scheming eunuchs, exorcists and monsters… All await the daring exploits and noble deeds of a new generation of heroes!

Qin: The Warring States and a wide range of supplements are already available to buy in print from your local gaming store and from our webstore, and right now you can get them all in a fantastic Bundle of Holding.

The Setting

Qin is set in Ancient China, during the 2nd Century BC in the era known as the Warring States. It is set in the real world, but with the premise that all of Chinese mythology is real – that Heaven and Earth exist as separate realms, that dragons, demons and ghosts are real, and that heroes wield supernatural powers.

The state of Qin is the most authoritarian and brutal of all the Warring States. Its vast and disciplined army stands ready to embark on its great project: the union of all things under Heaven into a single Empire, or Tian Xia. The world is doomed to fall victim to dictatorship and bureaucracy, but it is not too late to change the course of history – all it takes is the action of a few brave heroes.

The Heroes

As a hero in search of adventure, glory or immortality, you will leap from roof to roof, duel against the expert swordsmen of Chu, plot against the rulers of Qin or Zhao, make pacts with the spirits or discover the fruits of the Immortal Isles, decipher oracles carved on jade bi or tortoise shells, direct your troops to capture a fortress, seek wise Taoists and follow their teachings, drive out ghosts, or draw on the power of the Chi to accomplish high deeds worthy of the immortals themselves.

Knight-errant or mercenary, robber or fleeing courtesan, exorcist or alchemist, simple footman or general, destiny calls you all to enter the legend of this forgotten China.

You’re already a hero – but you’re about to become a legend!

The System

Qin uses a unique system that evokes the flavour of the setting – the Yin/Yang System. It uses a single black d10 and a single white d10 that are used to resolve actions.

To resolve an action, both d10s are rolled together and the lower value subtracted from the higher to give a result between 0 and 9. The result is then added to their character’s relevant stats and compared to the Success Threshold (typically 6) – if the final result is higher than the Success Threshold, the action is a success.

If the roll of the dice was a double-zero, a catastrophic failure occurs. If the roll of the dice was any other double, the hero is in perfect balance and achieves a critical success.

Characters also have a pool of mystical energy, called Chi, that they can draw upon to achieve greater successes, as well as to use their supernatural powers to bend the laws of creation, such as jumping through the air, vanishing into the shadows or firing a whirlwind of arrows.

Qin Core Rulebook

Qin Corebook packshot

The best place to start your own heroic saga is the Qin Core Rulebook, which contains all the rules and background you need to play the game. It also contains 7 ready-made characters and a complete adventure.

The Qin Core Rulebook is sold out and currently being reprinted, you can still buy it as a PDF here.

TWO TIMES ENNIE SILVER AWARD WINNER 2007 - "Best Interior Art" and "Best Game"!

The Qin Gamemaster's Screen


This deluxe,  thick-card screen features stunning artwork and is packed with all the information a Game Master needs for easy reference during a session of Qin.

You can buy the Qin Gamemaster's Screen from our webstore and from all good game stores.

The Qin Bestiary


From classic Dragons to exotic Foxwomen, Qin is full of fantastic beings, the existence of which is laughed at in the cities but makes those in remote villages tremble. Encountered as mysterious folklore or as foes to vanquish, this supplement reveals the fantastic creatures of Qin for use in your adventures.

The Qin Bestiary is sold out and currently being reprinted, you can still buy it as a PDF here.

Qin Legends


In the course of their adventures and trials, heroes will reach mastery levels far beyond the abilities of common men and women. The Qin Legends sourcebook contains information for the progression of high-level characters, details on the northern barbarians as well as a scenario leading into an epic campaign (more on that below...).

Qin Legends is sold out and currently being reprinted, you can still buy it as a PDF here.

The Art of War

art of war cover

The Art of War is dedicated to war, the military life and the armies of Ancient China. It provides Gamemasters with all the information they need to run more martially focused scenarios and campaigns, including rules for handling battles in the game.

The Art of War  is sold out and currently being reprinted, you can still buy it as a PDF here.

The Tournament of White and Scarlet


The Tournament of Scarlet and White is a complete adventure, along with information on tournaments and rules for incorporating them in your game. Designed to provide a party of beginning or relatively inexperienced adventures with a session or two of intrigue, combat, and adventure, The Tournament of Scarlet and White can be easily fitted into your existing campaign, or played as a one-off. Pre-generated characters are provided so you can get started right away.

You can buy The Tournament of Scarlet and White as a PDF.

What's Next for Qin?

We also have loads more planned for Qin: The Warring States. Keep an eye on the website very soon for news about the next TWO Qin products - an epic two-part campaign.



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