What is Keltia?

With Keltia in US stores now and the first supplement, Avalon, at print, we ask the question: what is Keltia?

Well, Keltia is our roleplaying game of exciting adventure in a Dark Age Britain where Arthurian legends and Celtic myths are real.  It's designed by the same team that brought you Qin, Yggdrasill and Kuro. In today's blog we thought we'd take a closer look.

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In Keltia you are a hero in the Britain of Arthurian legend and Celtic myth. As heroes questing for adventure, honour and glory, you will take part in the great battles sung of by the bards. Travel from the court of kings to the boundaries of the Island of Beli the Great, perhaps even enter the mists of the Otherworld. Maybe you will witness the end of the time of legends and the arrival in history of the greatest hero of Britain that will ever be: Arthur Pendraeg.

You might be a clan warrior, a druid, a bard or a mage. Myrddin the Elder may guide you to search for the forgotten gods, hidden treasures and conspiracies to foil, taking you to the darkest forests, the mists of enchanted isles and haunted cairns. The bards will sing of your feats for centuries to come.

You can download five iconic characters to use in your own games here.

The Setting

Keltia Map Colour

Keltia is set on the isle of Ynys Prydein; the Romans knew this land as Britannia, whilst you may know it as Great Britain. It is set in the real world, at the end of the 5th Century AD, but with the premise that Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology is all real.

Since the end of the Roman occupation, the tribes, abandoned to themselves, suffer from relentless attacks to the north from the Cruithni and the Picts, and to the west from the Scotti (pirates from Eiriù) and to the south and east from Germanic tribes. Since the disappearance of the Roman administration and the departure of the legions, the clans have organised to resist and to keep their lands. Kingdoms have formed, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes as vassals of other, larger territories.

There are now a handful of major Celtic kingdoms in Ynys Prydein. In Cymru, there are Powys, Dyfed, Gwynedd, and Gwent. In the south-west the alliance of Dyfneint and Kernow is very strong. To the north, there are Rheged, Elmet, Lothian and Alcluith as well, as the vast Lloegyrr struggle with unceasing Saxon attacks, a resistance composed of dozens of small villages and towns, each of them a small kingdom trying to keep their independence.

The High King of Prydein is Emrys Wledig, the leader of the Council of Clan Chiefs, through whom he has brought peace and unity of sorts to the isle. But all is not well, for after a long while the Saxons have returned to pillage, and there is unrest between the Clan Chiefs.

The story of Keltia begins in AD 485, 15 years after the birth of the High King’s nephew, a boy named Arthur, as Emrys Wledig prepares to announce his heir…

You can download a map of the isle of Ynys Prydein here.

The System

Keltia uses the same system as found in Yggdrasill, a quick and simple set of mechanics, designed for fast-paced, exciting and heroic actions! It uses ten-sided dice – d10s – and each player will need between 5 and 10.

To make a test, a player rolls a number of d10 equal to his Characteristic. He then picks his two best results, adds them together along with a Skill and compares them to a target number (typically 14). If a 10 is rolled, the player may roll the dice again and add that to the total along with the 10.

The heroes of Keltia have a pool of strength and fury that they can draw upon to spur them onto greater deeds – this is their Furor pool, and they may expend it to roll extra dice in a test.

You can find out more about how Keltia and Yggdrasill work together here.

The Keltia Core Rulebook


The best place to start your own heroic saga is the Keltia Core Rulebook, which contains all the rules and background you need to play the game. It also contains five-ready made characters and a complete adventure, which also starts off an epic campaign that runs through all the books in the series.

You can buy Keltia in all good gaming shops right now, order it from our webstore or buy it in PDF.

The first supplement - Avalon - is available to preorder now, with more exciting supplements on the way!



Avalon provides more detailed information about the supernatural and the sacred in Ynys Prydein, including background more about the Other World and the fair folk, the People of the Wind.  It also contains four adventures to kickstart your Keltia campaign.

You can pre-order Avalon on our webstore here or as a PDF here.



You can find a whole selection of downloads for Keltia here, from blank character sheets and ready-made heroes, to a full-colour map of Ynys Prydein.


Download the Keltia character sheet (printer friendly or unfriendly)
Pre-order the Keltia Core Rulebook print + PDF
Buy the Keltia PDF
Learn more about Keltia’s system and setting
Learn about how Keltia and Yggdrasill can be used together
Download the sample characters
Pre-order the Avalon print + PDF from our webstore
Buy the Avalon PDF

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