We’re not saying your friends and family are *bad* at buying you presents…

...But if they need a little help to get you something that you really, really want?

The Tenth Doctor Sourcebook for The Doctor Who RPG is out now in PDF. A pre-order of the hardcopy version (and who doesn't love a glossy, hardcover, full colour book?) comes with a free PDF they could let you read on Christmas morning...

Tenth Doctor Sourcebook Cover 800

About the Tenth Doctor Sourcebook

After sacrificing himself to save Rose, the Doctor regenerates once more and immediately has to defend the Earth from alien invaders in his dressing gown.
CB71119 10th Doctor Sourcebook 3Travel back to Pompeii, forward to the end of the universe and set off on a memorable voyage on the spaceship Titanic. Discover you are not alone, find out who Harold Saxon is and thwart the return of the Time Lords (again).
CB71119 10th Doctor Sourcebook 1Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, this Sourcebook explores the Tenth Doctor’s adventures on Earth and beyond. With detailed information on all the allies, enemies, aliens and gadgets that he encounters, as well as examining each of his adventures, the book contains a wealth of material for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, and is also a fact-packed resource for fans of the show!
CB71119 10th Doctor Sourcebook 2


Pre-order the Tenth Doctor Sourcebook now and get a free PDF!
Buy the PDF
Get the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game
Get All of Time and Space Volume 1
or get ye to your local game store and demand the finest Doctor Who RPG products this side of The Time War!

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