Victoriana Third Edition – Icons


Victoriana Third Edition is a hefty book.  The hardcover will weigh in at 320 pages.  One of the cunning features devised by art director Jon Hodgson and his partner in crime c7 graphic designer Paul Bourne are the chapter icons:


Each of the "books" within the corebook is represented by one of these icons.  So here we see the opening page to the section entitled "One's Full Measure", with the wonderful "Victruvian (Wo)Man" by Andy Hepworth:

You can see the icon for this section at the bottom of the page.  Each page within that section bears the icon at its edge, which aids the reader in quickly finding that section as they flip or scroll through the book. This has the added benefit of assisting the reader in remembering where things are for later reference.

Here you can see the icon in situ at the top right of a typical page:
Victoriana Third Edition is currently in final layout proofing and will be available in PDF and print preorder soon!

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