Victoriana – a world of high adventure and intrigue in an age of sorcery and steam

We thought that, with excitement mounting for the forthcoming release of Concert in Flames, we'd take a look at Victoriana in more detail.

Victoriana is a game of high adventure and intrigue set in an age of sorcery and steam! Victoriana offers an enormous and diverse game world deeply imbued with Victorian period feel, Gothic fantasy magic and steampunk engineering. Read more.


The Setting

The year is 1856 and the world roils in the unseen conflict between Order and Entropy. As technology marches forward the Celestial Engine moves ever faster, and all our fates grow more precarious. Now is the time to act decisively and boldly, to seize control of your destiny and impose your will upon the world.

Your adventures will take you into an alternate history infused with fantasy and esoteric steam technology. Aerostats float across the sky as noble Eldren chat with industrial Dwarfs. The Age of Magic may be long gone, but the Guild keeps its embers alive while technologists create extraordinary mechanical marvels.


 Travel with the British East India Company to make your fortune in competition with Dutch merchants for control of the tea trade. Join the petty conjurers that support social revolution while the government calls on gentleman hermeticists to counter them. Explore uncharted lands and uncover relics and evils buried since the Great Flood. Follow your conscience and help the poor and powerless against those that would prey upon them. Wage war against the demons that have seduced the aristocracy and threaten to tear the Empire apart!

The System

Victoriana 3rd Edition uses the 3rd Edition Heresy System.  In brief, when you are making a test you roll a number of six-sided dice  equal to their Attribute + Skill. Every 1 and every 6 they roll is a success, with a roll of a 6 allowing an additional die to be rolled. An average test requires two successes to be considered successful. The more successes achieved, the greater the success.

Complications are added in the form of Black Dice, which represent adverse or difficult circumstances. These are rolled as part of the dice pool, but for every 1 or 6 rolled on a Black Die, a regular success is negated.

You can read more about the rules in this free PDF extract of the Victoriana 3rd Edition Rulebook:


Click on the image to view the PDF.

Victoriana 3rd Edition Core Rulebook

Victoriana offers an enormous and diverse game world deeply imbued with Victorian period feel, gothic fantasy magic and steampunk engineering.

Victoriana 3rd edition is backwards-compatible with the previous edition – your 2nd edition supplements can be used with the 3rd edition rules.

The Victoriana 3rd edition corebook is a 320 page hardcover with black & white interior art. You can view further previews of the book here. It is available in all good gaming stores right now.

You can order the hardcopy + PDF bundle from our webstore hereVictoriana 3rd Edition is also available to purchase now in PDF format from RPGnow.


Victoriana Supplements (including 2nd Edition supplements)

See more previews from Victoriana 3rd Edition here.

Find out more about Victoriana and download character sheets and more here.

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