Uppsala PDF and Yggdrasill in the Bundle of Holding

Yesterday we released Uppsala, our latest supplement for Yggdrasill. Today we're pleased to announce that the PDF version is now available at DriveThruRPG. This supplement is a guide to the famous city of Uppsala, not only containing background and history for the city itself, new traits and spells, and a new adventure, but also the continuation of the epic Yggdrasill campaign.

But that's not at all! If you're intrigued by the idea of Yggdrasill but have yet to check it out, the Yggdrasill Core Rulebook is included in the latest Bundle of Holding! You can check it out here.

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About Uppsala

Uppsala infograhic 550

A year has passed since the events told of in Kings of the Sea. It is time for our heroes to leave the colony of Brenna and voyage to Uppsala, crown jewel of Svithjodh, home of Freyr, seat of King Egil, the Sorcerer-King.

Uppsala, the mythical city, the commercial and political centre of Scandia. Here heroes are welcomed with open arms, their coming sung of by skalds and foretold by the fates. But there are dangers to be avoided in the city just as surely as in the wilderness, for politics is a game riddled with pitfalls every bit as deadly as the monsters they have already faced, and where friends are often indistinguishable from enemies.

This supplement for Yggdrasill, the roleplaying game of Norse adventure, contains:

  • A complete description of the city of Uppsala and its surroundings.
  • Background on the Sorcerer-Kings of Uppsala.
  • A table of random encounters.
  • A new adventure – White Shields.
  • The thrilling next instalment in the Yggdrasill campaign – Iron & Blood.
  • New character traits and spells.
  • And much more besides!

Written by Neko and Kristoff Valla. Cover art by Marc Simonetti.

Uppsala is available for pre-order at our webstore now. All pre-orders come with a complementary PDF copy.

You can also pre-order it at your local games store. Stores participating in the Bits and Mortar scheme also come with a complementary PDF.

You can also buy Uppsala at Drivethru RPG.

About the Bundle of Holding

Yggdrasill is our roleplaying game of Norse adventure, set in a mythic Scandinavia where the Norse legends are real! The bundle included the Yggdrasill Core Rulebook as a DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDF ebook for a bargain price.

Bundleofholding.com is a brilliant site where you can chose what to pay for a collection of DRM-free PDFs. If you pay over the average price you get access to a bunch of extra e-books.

For just $5.95 you can get the Starter Collection of three great fantasy rpgs (retail value $30), and if you pay more than the threshold price (which is currently at $17.39) , you'll level up and get all 5 more titles in the Bonus Collection - including the Yggdrasill Core Rulebook!

And that's not all.  A portion of proceeds goes to good causes. The Fantasy Bundle is supporting the American Cancer Society.

The Bundle of Holding  is only running for the next two weeks, so make sure you don't miss out.


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