Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign – Stretch Goals Down!

Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign is funding right now on Kickstarter. It’s a Cthulhu Mythos game in which you play the cultist, and it takes the form of a deluxe slipcase set with books, and cards and tokens.

We funded some days ago, and we’ve since broken through 3 stretch goals! We’ve added a short story by renowned Mythos author Nick Mamatas and we’ve expanded the size of the core set by a glorious additional 16 pages of full colour material. We’ve also unlocked a play mat that is included in every slipcase edition of the core set.

As you can see, the more pledges we receive the better the set becomes! Its already grown considerably, and there’s still time to get involved.

Unspeakable Sigil & Sign is designed by award-winning RPG developer C.A. Suleiman. The writing team he’s assembled is nothing short of brilliant and includes Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green), Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies), Lucya Szachnowski (Strange Aeons), Jesse Heinig (Fallout), Malcolm Sheppard (Mummy: The Curse), and Tim Dedopulos (Cthulhu Lives!).

We’ll be revealing the next set of stretch goals shortly, as well as unlocking a hand-picked selection of add-ons.

Come… the Convergence is upon you. There is no time to lose.

And your god is waiting.


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