Unspeakable Sigil & Sign: Countdown to the End

The Convergence is at hand, and the end times are here. Your chance to get in on the Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign Kickstarter is almost at an end!

A deluxe slipcase set, Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign is a roleplaying game that challenges some of the more traditional conventions of the hobby. In this RPG you assume the role of the cultist, servant, cast-off, or misbegotten child of the Old Ones. In this game you are of the Mythos.

In Sigil & Sign, you are not the all-too-ordinary human. You are the Outsider.

From Great Cthulhu to the King in Yellow, from the Crawling Chaos to the Black Goat, they are the Old Ones... and they are no myth. They were here on Earth long before the rise of civilized Man, and some — maybe even all, depending who you ask — never left at all. Something keeps the Old Ones’ interest tethered to our planet, and for those people who simply want left to live their ordinary lives in peace, the baleful aims of such entities can only portend doom.

You are not one of those people.

As an Outsider, you are caught between two worlds: the mundane world of humankind and the dark and alien world of the Mythos.

You might have been truly human once, but no longer. Or perhaps you’ve never known what it means to be human, as many Outsiders are now some generations removed from their homo sapiens origins.

The deluxe slipcase has expanded, gained a playmat, new fiction from Nick Mamatas, and we've expanded one of the supplements with extensive commentary from Mythos expert S.T. Joshi

The writing team on the game boasts some of the best talent in Mythos, horror, and weird fantasy gaming, including Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green), Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies), Lucya Szachnowski (Strange Aeons), Jesse Heinig (Fallout), Malcolm Sheppard (Mummy: The Curse), and Tim Dedopulos (Cthulhu Lives!).

There are only hours left to get onboard.  Don't miss out!


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