The One Ring LM’s Screen and Lake-town Sourcebook: Art Preview

“...the desolation was now filled with birds and blossoms in spring and fruit and feasting in autumn.”

A preview of the art from the Lake-town Sourcebook, by Jon Hodgson.  In stores now!

The LM's Screen and Lake-town Sourcebook presents this fascinating setting in detail, including:

A guide to Lake-town, its inhabitants and culture
More information on the Long Marshes and the creatures dwelling within
New Fellowship Phase activities
A new playable culture – Men of the Lake.

Also included in this product is the heavy-duty card Loremaster’s Screen, which presents useful information for easy reference during a game and features stunning art from The One Ring artist Jon Hodgson.

The One Ring
The LM's Screen page
LM's Screen & Lake-town videos on Youtube

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