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With the release of Uppsala this week, Gamemasters not only found themselves with a complete guide to the eponymous city, but also with the next thrilling instalment in the Yggdrasill campaign. Ever since the Core Rulebook, the Yggdrasill campaign has been unfolding piece by piece in each supplement we release for the game – so today we thought we’d take a closer look at it!

Uppsala is a guide to the famous city of Uppsala, not only containing background and history for the city itself, new traits and spells, and a new adventure, but also the continuation of the epic Yggdrasill campaign. It is available to preorder at our webstore, and to buy in PDF format now.

And don't forget that the Yggdrasill Core Rulebook is in the current Bundle of Holding!

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The Yggdrasill campaign is not a single supplement, but a linked series of adventures that appear in all the books in the Yggdrasill line. Beginning with Offerings to the Great Winter (found in the Yggdrasill Core Rulebook), the Yggdrasill campaign tells the saga of a group of brave heroes, united by prophecy for a greater purpose the true meaning of which they do not yet know. If this sounds like the makings of a Norse myth then you’re right – the campaign certainly evokes the sagas of old.

The campaign continues with The Forgotten Oath (in The Nine Worlds), wherein our heroes get their first glimpses of the worlds beyond our own, forcing them into the land of Giants as well as dark bargains and unremembered promises with the Queen of the Dark Elves, the Red Lady.

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Beyond the Borders (in Kings of the Sea) took the heroes beyond Denmark, first to the land of the Angles where they fight as mercenaries, and then to Finland where they are gifted with a domain of their own.

The most recent instalment of the campaign is Iron and Blood (in the recently released Uppsala), which sees the heroes returning from exile to the Sorcerer-King’s city of Uppsala and thrust into an entirely unfamiliar arena – that of diplomacy and political manoeuvrings. Luckily Scandian politics is a bloodthirsty affair, so the heroes will quickly find themselves at home…


There are some great moments in the campaign, from the fight with the God of the Ice – a huge walrus – in The Forgotten Oath, to their meeting with the Witch-queens of Finland in Beyond the Borders to the dark, sorcerous climax at the end of Iron and Blood.

The campaign has more than its fair share of memorable characters too, from staunch friends to arch enemies and the odd enigmatic stranger. Amongst our favourite characters is the mysterious Lady of Ice, Queen of the Alfar, who appears throughout the campaign to make silver-tongued offers to the heroes or bestow them with strange gifts.

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Another of our favourites is Frodi the Usurper, King of Denmark and sometime patron to the heroes. It is against the backdrop of political strife caused by his seizing the throne that the campaign plays out, and the heroes find themselves at odds with him as often as on the same side.

But perhaps our favourite character is introduced in Uppsala, Egil, the Sorcerer-King of Uppsala himself. His ambition, his arrogance and his eccentricities – not to mention his seeming fascination with the heroes – make him such a fun character to play. He’ll definitely be one your players will love to hate!

Uppsala is available to preorder from our webstore now, or you can buy the PDF from DriveThruRPG.

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