The Trail of the Scorpion: More Than Just Adventures

We’ve talked a fair bit about the six awesome adventures that form The Trail of the Scorpion campaign, but they’re only part of what the latest Rocket Age sourcebook contains – in today’s post we take a look at two of the new organisations that are introduced in the book.

The Trail of the Scorpion for Rocket Age is available for pre-order at our webstore now! All pre-orders come with a complementary PDF. The Trail of the Scorpion is also now available as a PDF only. If you pre-order at a participating brick and mortar retailer you can get the PDF as part of the Bits and Mortar program.

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The Trail of the Scorpion contains a thrilling series of adventures that span the length and breadth of the Solar System, and can be played alone or linked together to form the first Rocket Age campaign. But did you know that the sourcebook also contains two sizeable appendices packed with new rules, organisations, creatures and plot hooks to use in your campaign – not just in The Trail of the Scorpion but to any Rocket Age player or GM.

The largest of these appendices details the villains of the campaign, the Red Scorpion Crime Syndicate, in an impressive amount of detail. As well as their history and organisational structure, this section also provides details on some of their typical (and most notorious) criminal operations, as well as the types of agent that are in their employ (including stats so you can drop them into your game) and even a rocketship unique to the Syndicate.

As with all the organisations introduced in Rocket Age so far, the appendix also includes a character package so you can play a member in the game, along with character hooks for how your character might become involved in the adventure. There’s so much packed in this one appendix for the Red Scorpion that they could easily see use as recurring baddies in many a game.

The Red Scorpion Crime Syndicate aren’t the only organisation detailed in the book either – there are two more, the Greater Ganymedians and the Order of the Scribe. Of these, the Order of the Scribe are perhaps our favourite, as they’re an organisation of super spies recruited from the literary elite of the day. Two of their number turn up to help the heroes out in the third scenario – Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie (along with Timmy the Dog, of course) – but who knows which other authors might appear in your own adventures. It certainly gives a new meaning to the word ‘literary agent.’

About The Trail of the Scorpion

The Trail of the Scorpion cover 600px

The Trail of the Scorpion is the first series-long collection of episodes for Rocket Age. It takes our heroes from Venus, to Earth, on to Mars, Ganymede, and finally to the moons of Saturn. Along the way they will discover and fight the machinations of the mysterious Red Scorpion crime syndicate and its shadowy leader. There will be puzzles to solve, battles to win, chases, betrayals, and high adventure.

The Trail of the Scorpion contains six new adventures. The book also contains complete write-ups of three new organizations, including the Red Scorpion crime syndicate and its machinations, along with plot hooks, new weapons and equipment and even some strange new creatures to encounter.

This 128-page book contains:

  • Six thrilling adventures, each of which can be played on its own, or as part of a linked campaign, that take in the length and breadth of the Solar System.
  • Detailed background on the Red Scorpion Crime Syndicate and its machinations throughout the Solar System… and beyond!
  • Two new organisations to help or hinder our heroes – the Greater Ganymedians and the Order of the Scribe.
  • New equipment, including the latest development in robobrain technology.
  • New creatures, from the strange botanical Terrolinian Wolf found in the forests of Ganymede to the huge White Tree Grubs native to Venus.

The Trail of the Scorpion is 128 pages, black and white, softcover – available for pre-order now. PDF also available from RPGNow.

Written by Ken Spencer, Matthew Haines, James M. Spahn and Anne Toole, with art and design by Paul Bourne, Jon Hodgson and Scott Purdy.


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