The Third Doctor Sourcebook – out now in PDF

3rd-doctor-sourcebook-coverThe Third Doctor Sourcebook is available now in PDF!

Exiled to Earth and prevented from travelling in time, the Doctor became UNIT’s scientific adviser and defended Earth against all manner of sinister threats! Face the plastic horror of the Autons, stop hordes of alien spiders and thwart the machinations of dangerous conspiracies! We’re running out of time, so quick - reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!

And above all, beware the Doctor’s ultimate nemesis - beware the Master!

To celebrate the PDF release we're offering the following full adventure from the book as a free downloadable preview: The Day of the Daleks.


Click the picture to download the free PDF.

The third Doctor Sourcebook is a full colour 160 page book by Walt Ciechanowski and Graham Walmsley and is also available for pre-order in hardcover with complimentary PDF now.


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