The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook Preview

Seventh Doctor Sourcebook PDF version-5
The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook
will be available to pre-order very soon indeed, so we thought we’d tease you one last time with a preview of what you can expect to find inside…

As well as a closer look at what makes a Seventh Doctor adventure unique (and how to handle the complex machinations of the Doctor himself), you’ll also find detailed write-ups of every episode, complete with stats for monsters and plot hooks aplenty. If you want to run one of the Doctor’s adventures for your own players, you’ll find everything you need right here. And, if they’ve watched it already, well there’s plenty of advice for how you can change it to suit your needs.


Click to download Ace's Character Sheet

There’s also a character sheet for the Seventh Doctor, Mel, Ace and Glitz, rules for powerful artefacts, such as the Hand of Omega or the Silver Nemesis, and even a bit about the Seventh Doctor’s eventual regeneration…

With the release of The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook imminent, this is also your last chance to take advantage of our Later Years Doctor Subscriber Deal at our webstore. Hurry or you’ll need a time machine of your own to grab a bargain!
Seventh Doctor Sourcebook PDF version-105

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