The Realm of Sommerlund for Lone Wolf Adventure Game

On sale this week in PDF and pre-order: The Realm of Sommerlund for Lone Wolf Adventure Game! Home of the Kai Order, the great city of Holmgard and so much more!

In this exhaustive setting guide for The Lone Wolf Adventure Game you’ll find a detailed history of this most essential region of the Lone Wolf world. You’ll discover detailed city maps for seven of Sommerlund’s greatest cities, with hundreds of locations to explore.

Beyond the cities, you’ll find detailed gazetteers for the provinces that make up the home of the proud Sommlending people.

With additional details on the Sommlending army and navy, the royal family, Kai monasteries, the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star, Druids and Darklords, the calendar of Sommerlund and much, much more, this book contains the most complete and up-to-date body of information about Sommerlund, the heart of Joe Dever’s incredible Lone Wolf setting, ever published!

Get ready for the greatest adventure of your life. For Sommerlund and the Kai!

Pre-order opens this week!

About the Lone Wolf Adventure Game

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game takes you back to the epic world of Magnamund! Created by Joe Dever in the 80s, and selling millions of copies of his unique adventure game books, Lone Wolf was the starting point for millions of gamers.

In the Lone Wolf Adventure Game you can start right away with the $30/£20 deluxe starter set. It's a gorgeous box jam-packed with books and accessories, retailing at a low, low price thanks to the magic of Kickstarter!

Your adventures can grow beyond the boxed set with Heroes of Magnamund, which allows you generate all kinds of characters from the world of Magnamund.

Adventures of the Kai provides another 3 adventures for beginners, playing Kai Lords.

Magnamumnd Menagerie and Bestiary of the Beyond form a huge collection of beasts and beings for your adventurers to encounter and do battle with!

Terror of the Darklords is an epic campaign where your mettle as Kai Lords will be tested to the limit in defense of Sommerlund.

And The Realm of Sommerlund completes the rulebook set, giving you an exhaustive level of detail on the ancestral home of the Kai Order, Sommerlund!

With accessories like the various Magnamund map packs, special Q Workshop dice set and a Narrator's Screen you can really take your games to the next level!

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