The Ninth Doctor to Subscribers and Curse of Nineveh to Backers

Last week we unveiled the cover to The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook, shared a free extract from Ruins of the North and took a moment to celebrate one of the Doctor’s finest villains, the Rani. We’ve got a busy week ahead of us this week: The Curse of Nineveh is up for pre-order tomorrow, it’s GM’s Day on Wednesday and we’ll be taking a look at an awesome new product for Cthulhu Britannica.

As we’ve just mentioned, our new Call of Cthulhu campaign, The Curse of Nineveh, goes on pre-order tomorrow and The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook is up for pre-order not long after – but did you know there are fans out there who have already got their hands on both PDFs already?

Read on to find out how…


We don’t mean to rub it in, but there are dedicated fans out there who are already reading The Curse of Nineveh and The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook, yet neither book is out yet – how can this be, and how can you get a hold of such goodies in the future?

Back when we first announced the Doctor Sourcebooks, we ran a special subscription offer for a limited time only, allowing fans to get their hands on the latest Doctor Who PDF before anyone else – sometimes up to a month earlier than the general public! And, each time a new hardcopy sourcebook arrives back from the printers, they’re the first to be sent a copy too! We ran another time-limited subscription offer for the Seventh through Eleventh Doctor Sourcebooks recently too, and many of you took us up on the deal – if you missed out, make sure you keep your eyes peeled to the website for future subscription offers!

The Curse of Nineveh is another kettle of fish entirely – one of the many perks of being one of our Kickstarter backers is early access to the books unlocked as part of the campaign. In the case of our Cthulhu Britannica: London Kickstarter, backers had access to PDFs of the boxed set months before they were made available to buy. And as if that wasn’t enough, whenever we finish laying out one of the stretch goal supplements (such as The Curse of Nineveh), our backers are first to get a PDF of this too!

If you missed out, there’s an easy way to put it right – our next Kickstarter, for World War Cthulhu, will be going live later this month. If you want to be amongst the first fans in the world to get your hands on copies of the next setting books (amongst other things) for World War Cthulhu, make sure you back the Kickstarter!

About The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook

9th Doctor Sourcebook cover550

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, this Sourcebook explores the Ninth Doctor’s adventures on Earth and beyond. With detailed information on all the allies, enemies, aliens and gadgets that he encounters, as well as examining each of his adventures, the book contains a wealth of material for the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG, and is also a fact-packed resource for fans of the show!

The Last of his Kind, the Doctor returned to Earth, haunted by what he had done to end the Last Great Time War. Witness the Earth’s destruction as the sun expands, unmask aliens in the British government and dance with Rose Tyler and team up with Captain Jack to save the world. Discover the fate of the Daleks, prevent World War Three and uncover the secret of Bad Wolf!


The Ninth Doctor Sourcebook is with subscribers now, and will be available to pre-order soon.

About The Curse of Nineveh

The Curse of Nineveh cover550

In ancient times, when the city of Nineveh fell, so too was a terrible evil was banished. This evil, a god named Nabu with ambitions to rule humanity, was bound by the Children of Tranquillity into his former temple and buried beneath the sands. Two and a half thousand years later a group of archaeologists uncovered the Temple of Nabu and unleashed a terrible curse – the Curse of Nineveh!

The Curse of Nineveh is a new seven-part Call of Cthulhu 7th edition campaign set in London in the summer of 1925. The investigators find themselves embroiled in the events that surround the return of the expedition from Nineveh and the terrible curse that they brought back with them. They must face shadowy watchers, a nefarious criminal mastermind and race against time to stop an ancient plan from being fulfilled – a plan that threatens not only London, but the whole British empire!

The Curse of Nineveh has already been sent to our Kickstarter backers, and will be available for pre-order tomorrow.

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