The Lone Wolf Adventure Game – Introducing a Whole new Generation to Gaming

We all know that tabletop gaming (whether boardgames, wargames or roleplaying games) is the best hobby in the world. With The Lone Wolf Adventure Game we want to introduce a whole new generation to the hobby we know and love. In today’s post we’re going to explain exactly how it does that.

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is our new introductory roleplaying boxed set. The print version is now available to pre-order from our webstore, and the PDF version is available to buy from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Pre-orders both on our webstore and at participating Bits & Mortar retailers come with a complementary PDF copy too.

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As a company, we get around a fair bit; whether its at conventions we attend, in stores that we visit or on social media, we talk to a lot of gamers. And over the past few years a lot of them told us the same thing: they wanted a great game that they could use to teach roleplaying to new gamers, or even to just give as a gift to a potential new gamer.

Well, The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is that game. It’s a game that you can not only use to teach new gamers how to roleplay, but that you can hand to them and have them teach themselves. The game is playable right out of the box – and by that we don’t just mean that it includes everything you need to play (which it does), but that a new group can sit down, open the box and be playing right away. There’s a few different ways that the game does this.

Click here to download the Read This First PDF.

Click here to download the Read This First PDF.


Firstly, the Read This First guide explains what the game is about and how it works in a light, breezy and (best of all) brief fashion. The players can pass the guide around and all be up to speed right away.


Once they’ve decided amongst themselves who is going to be a Narrator, the rest of the players get to look at the character sheets. These gate-folded character sheets, when closed, present new players with a compelling piece of background and some guidance on what makes each character fun to play. With their characters chosen, the gatefolds can be opened up to reveal not just the character sheet but also a guide to what all the stats, sections and numbers mean.

Kai Legends PDF 6 and 7


As the players read their character sheets, the Narrator can get stuck into the Book of Kai Legends, the adventure book. The adventures are presented in such a way that a completely new Narrator can start playing right away. As they read through the first adventure, they simply follow the instructions, which prompt him when to read text aloud, when to ask the players a question or get them to make a decision and how to handle some of the things they might decide to do, slowly getting the hang of how the game works as they go.

Perhaps most importantly – and this bit is handy not just for brand-new Narrators but also to more experienced Narrators teaching the game to new players – the Book of Kai Legends teaches the rules through play too, introducing the basic resolution mechanic, giving them opportunities to try out their Kai disciplines and some simple combats to start with. The whole thing is structured to be both engaging, instructional and – most importantly – fun!


This goal is clear and present throughout the other books too, introducing rules or background one by one, accompanying them with plenty of examples and ideas. At the bottom of almost every page is a special box out, where a reader will find advice on how to play or what to do at a given point in the game, clarifications, commentary or further examples of nearby rules and more besides.

Everything is carefully thought out so that the game is as accessible and engaging as possible - and best of all, it's just $30!


The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is an introductory roleplaying game, suitable for total beginners; but that is not to say that it is only for beginners. We wanted it to be a complete game in its own right, not some cut-down, simplified version; we wanted it to appeal just as much to the battle-hardened veteran as to the fresh-faced novice.

This is where the concept of including different game modes came in – Initiate-level and Master-level. The Initiate-level game is The Lone Wolf Adventure Game at its most accessible, the core system stripped down to just the basics of play. This is the version of the game taught in the first of the introductory adventures included in the boxed set, so that new players can get to grips with the rules one by one.

Kai Wisdom 36and37

As players gain confidence and experience, the Narrator can start to add in more complex rules from the Master-level game. Each of these rules is optional and modular, so you can pick and choose what to add and when. If all the players get the hang of it right away, they can add in skills and traits to further personalise their characters, or perhaps they might want more options in combat, in which case they can dabble with the rules for fighting techniques. This way, a group can tailor the game to their own learning curve.

And, for experienced players who just want to play in the world of Magnamund, they can play the full Master-level game right from the offset, using all of the options right away.

You can pre-order the physical edition (expected August 2015) here, or buy the PDF version here.


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