The Lone Wolf Adventure Game – A First Look at the Layout

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game funded back in September over on Kickstarter, raising £68,000 (that’s $105,000) and attracting over 600 backers eager to help us create a fantastic new roleplaying game set in Joe Dever’s iconic world of Magnamund.

Ever since, we’ve been busy making The Lone Wolf Adventure Game a reality – today art director and deputy CEO Jon Hodgson talks us through the layout of the books.

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“We really want The Lone Wolf Adventure Game to be something that new gamers can pick up, and without help get playing as soon as possible. An important part of communicating everything that we need to is the layout of the books. The way we present the text will be key in allowing new players to get to grips with a bunch of new concepts as fast as possible.

I'll be honest – pulling this together has taken us slightly longer than anticipated. We set out initially to present the beginner and advanced rules in a certain way, differentiating between the two using icons scattered through the text; but we couldn't get that to work to our satisfaction. Rather than making things simple it had the opposite effect of making some pages very complex to read. And that's the last thing we want!

So we back-tracked a little bit, put our collective design brains together and came up with a slightly different way to approach things. We've now grouped advanced rules together more closely, so that the basic game is presented cleanly and without interruption, but with an eye on being able to reference the more advanced rules as and when you need them.

As in the example spread you can see here, each page of The Lone Wolf Adventure Game will have a section at the bottom of the page that gives some friendly advice from one of our pre-generated characters, or Kai Master Silent Owl. These sections guide new players through the concepts introduced on that spread, as well as giving more generalised tips on making your games successful, useful advice on making characters, some facts about the world of Magnamund, how to make sure everyone is having the most fun they can, and so on. You might remember we asked you, our backers, to help out with useful pieces of advice that you would have liked to have been given when you first started out with RPGs? We got loads of helpful tips and that advice will appear in these sections. In this example spread the left hand section is empty – this is still a work in progress, so that'll be filled in the final book.

These advice sections overlay the main text itself, which we want to present as crisply as we can. The artwork will appear to lie beneath the text sections, so that we seem to be looking through the page to the world of Magnamund that sits behind the pages of the book. It's shaping up very nicely.

Speaking of artwork, Scott and myself have been working very hard to create all the necessary art. We've been experimenting with styles and colour palettes to make something that both honours the history of Lone Wolf and offers something we hope will be attractive to new gamers. We want every piece to offer a piece of a potential adventure to inspire and excite our players.

As well as tons of full colour art we're also using some pen and ink style where the game world intersects with the game book. For example, the equipment section will appear in the style of Silent Owl's real-world journal. Likewise we have a section detailing a day in the life of initiates to the Kai Monastery, and that appears in the book as “in world” pages from an initiate’s diary.

We hope this all comes together to provide an immersive and really usable set of gaming books that go beyond anything we've seen before.

We're still tweaking all the pieces for inclusion in the boxed set, but hopefully we can swing back with a big load of final art to show off soon!”

About The Lone Wolf Adventure Game


The Lone Wolf Adventure Game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in September 2014.

In The Lone Wolf Adventure Game, you take the role of Kai Lords – men and women belonging to an order of warrior-scholar-monks capable of super-human feats of body and mind.

As defenders of your home country of Sommerlund, your adventures will be many and varied. You could be dispatched on a dangerous secret mission by the King one week, investigating odd rumours from the borderlands the following week, and called on to settle a land dispute between nobles the next. The enemies of Sommerlund and the Kai are many, and the Kai stretched holding the line.

We are developing the game to be playable out-of-the-box by young people new to tabletop gaming. The basic rules are taught in a game that all the players take part in, getting you into the action as soon as you open the box.

As you grow in experience, additional features can be added in to give the game additional depth. There’s a chunk of these in the Beginner’s Box, and we will develop the game further in expansions. Experienced gamers can dive right in with all the options included, and new gamers can tailor the learning curve to their group.

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game will be available to buy in all good gaming stores next year, as well as direct from our own webstore.


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