The ENnies 2012

It's been a jetlag whirlwind since we got back, but we have been remiss in not updating everyone about our night at the ENnie Awards at GenCon 2012.  The ENnie awards are arguably the biggest awards given in roleplaying games.  They comprise a series of stages, with games submitted to a panel of judges who themselves have been selected by a public vote.  The judges make their selections from the submitted games, which are then put to the public vote.  Competition is always fierce, and voting is carried out on line, ensuring a wide and deep body of voters.  Suffice to say the ENnies are a big deal.

Cubicle 7 were nominated in 5 categories, and we picked up 4 awards.

The One Ring won Cubicle 7's first Gold ENnie for internal Art, and a Silver ENnie for production values.
Words of the Wise won Silver for Best Free Product.
Shadows over Scotland won C7's second ever Gold ENnie for Best Setting.

We were incredibly honoured by these awards, and they mean a huge amount to everyone working on our books.  It's been a year filled with challenges, and we're a small company punching way above our weight, so a huge thank you to the judges and everyone who took the time to vote.

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