The Cubicle 7 Origins Game Fair 2015 Report

Last weekend the Cubicle 7 team were at the Origins Game Fair. We were one of the sponsors of the show this year, which was super exciting for us – Origins is one of our favourite conventions and it was thrilling to keep seeing our posters and banners around the venue.

We had a great show, so asked asked some of the team to write about their Origins experience.

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The Cubicle 7 booth, complete with Tower of Power.

TS Luikart: “Our competitive story-telling game Hobbit Tales remains a perennial favourite at the booth. Hobbit Tales was nominated for an Origins Award this year and its family friendly nature makes it very popular with kids and adults both. A lot of The One Ring Loremasters tell us that they now use Hobbit Tales’ Hazard Deck to help inspire Hazards while playing The One Ring.

Origins was the first show that TOR’s Ruins of the North was at in print, so of course it flew off the shelf. A number of customers laughed about not really ‘needing it’ yet because they had barely started on The Darkening of Mirkwood and figured it could be a year or more before they really needed Ruins of the North… which prevented none of them from wanted to read it immediately though!

It’s great to see our large, and growing, collection of individual Doctor Who sourcebooks lined up. We had the first eight Doctors present at the show, the Ninth Doctor having just missed the truck – but it will be, in a word, ‘Fantastic’ to see him at GenCon! A lot of folks are very excited to see what we have in store for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor sourcebooks later in the year.

Our crown jewel at Origins, though not yet for sale, was our single advance copy of Cthulhu Britannica London, Cubicle 7’s exquisite sourcebox for 1920s London. The four period maps that we licensed from the London Archives really took gamers’ breaths away. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re all printed on thick, sturdy paper. Many people desperately wanted to sit down and read the three hefty sourcebooks in the box – and more than we could count asked us multiple times: ‘Now this is going to be at GenCon right? Because I have to buy this.’”

HobbitTales at Origins

Walt Ciechanowski: “One of the absolute joys of being at the Origins Game Fair is the intimacy. While still a large convention, Origins hasn’t lost that intimate touch. We love talking to our fellow gamers and customers and Origins not only gives us a chance to meet them but also to have a good chat and discover what our customers really enjoy and whether our products deliver (and sometimes inspire us for new products!). We were quite pleased and truly touched by the reception and positive feedback of our lines!”


Another group of daring heroes set off on a Rocket Age adventure!

Ken Spencer: “This wasn’t my first Origins, but it may have been my best. What can make a con so good? There was the same things that every Origins offers, from playing great games with amazing people to catching up with friends old and new and checking out the trade hall. But what made this year stand out for me was the fans, the excitement they showed for our many products, the energy they brought to the tables and the interest they showed in even the smallest of demos.

Rivendell and Hobbit Tales were the stand-out sellers at the booth, with the rest of The One Ring along for the ride. I ran ‘Red Days Rising’, the opening adventure from the forthcoming Oaths of the Riddermark, and every group brought their best roleplaying skills to the table, even though that pesky Eye of Sauron kept popping up. I ran a few games of Rocket Age too and got to show off the setting and system to new players, as well as run for some folks who have been touring the radium-filled Solar System for a while.”


Rick Shantery, dressed up as the Ninth Doctor, GMing the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game

Rick Shantery: “‘So is Strax still wearing the pink dress he had on at dinner with the Queen while he is inspecting the troops on the castle wall?’

‘Yes sir!!!’

‘Up you get then, march around the table and show us how Strax would!’

That exchange pretty much sums up a wonderful weekend of GMing the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game at Origins 2015. GMing Doctor Who is always a pleasure of mine, as at a con like Origins, where you have 3 to 4 hours to take the players through an adventure, you get to be a little more silly than in most RPGs.

I ran five sessions of Doctor Who over the weekend. In all the games, the players had many different creative solutions to the problem at hand (no spoilers sweetie, as we’ll be running the same adventure at GenCon). Each followed similar paths, but the creativity and volume of laughter was as high as the full output of the Eye of Harmony, and everyone walked away smiling and talking about their experience.”


The One Ring Roleplaying Game in full flow - note the guy dressed as an Orc.

John Arcadian: “Every game of ‘Red Days Rising’ I ran at Origins 2015 started at a feast hall, the players raising their glasses high in toast to Thengel, King of Rohan, and he in turn toasted the players for their brave and victorious travails against the force threatening the land. Every player, holding a mug of something that only looked like ale, regaled the table with their part in defeating the Orcs, or Troll, or Wargs that plagued the land in each individual game. This was their glory moment, handled in flashback, and set the tone for the players’ incredible adventures yet to come.

In one particularly memorable game, one of the players came dressed as an Orc, who helped me out as co-Loremaster and played all the villains - including a Mountain-troll!

That's what I love about running The One Ring Roleplaying Game, especially at a convention like Origins. It's about the stories, the tales. It's about how the players take up their characters and make their actions the stuff of legends. The kind of stories that would be told around a drinking hall at the start of their next session, immortalizing them as part of a wider world, making them heroes worthy of Middle-earth.”

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