The Cubicle 7 GenCon 2014 Report


Gencon 2014 seen from the C7 booth in a quiet moment

The short version: We had an absolute blast!

The long version – Gen Con is a very special event in the gaming calandar, and whilst it's tough for us to bring a team, stacks of games, and a stand together on a different continent it's always well worth the effort.

So it begins!

So it begins! The pallets of games are dropped off.

This year GenCon attendance is reported as significantly higher than previous years and our experience is very much in line with that – the exhibit hall was busy throughout the day with hordes of gamers in attendance. It was great to meet so many of you.

Everything is awesome when you're part of a team

Everything is awesome when you're part of a team

This year we had something new on our stand: The Tower of Power™! We were a little nervous about how we'd get the 17 feet tall monolith built, but it all went swimmingly and you could see our stand from right across the exhibit hall.

Against all odds, the tower rose!

Against all odds, the tower rose!

What's that coming over the hill?

Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm

Whilst we didn't have a "Big GenCon Release"™ - we release great games all year round! - Our flagship event for the show was a very limited supply of The One Ring Revised Edition hardcovers. These proved to be extremely popular, and all but sold out by the end of the show. It was wonderful to see the mature line into which The One Ring has grown. Support from you, the gaming public, for The One Ring was amazing and we're returning to work even more fired up to make even more great supplements for TOR!

Our precious

Our precious.

In a similar vein seeing Doctor Who supplements lined up alongside the Limited Edition Corebook was really cool and a testament to how we've grown.  Everyone was happy to hear that not only did we have the Fourth Doctor Sourcebook at the show, but that the Fifth Doctor Sourcebook won't be far behind.  It's en route to our warehouse as we type.


So beautiful!

We were very pleased to be spreading the word about our Lone Wolf Kickstarter, which funded in 18 hours, making it an easier sell! We were also pleasantly surprised to hear how many gamers in the US love Magnamund, and like us enjoyed Lone Wolf as one of their first gaming experiences.

For Magnamund and the Kai!

For Magnamund and the Kai!

We also had the print proofs of the new edition of The Doctor Who Card Game!  Keep an eye out for news of that as we draw closer to release!

Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!

On Friday night we attended the ENnie Awards. We knew we'd been lucky enough to win one ENnie before we entered the hall – Rocket Age was the recipient of a Judge's Spotlight award thanks to ENnie judge Stacy Muth. We were over the moon to also collect a silver ENnie for Hobbit Tales in the category of Best Family Game. We won this last year for Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space, and we're really happy to be doing well in that category, which is near to all our hearts. 



Boosted by the ENnie Award, Hobbit Tales went on to sell out at the show. It was not alone in selling out though! Heroes of The Solar System, Time Traveller's Companion, The Second Doctor Sourcebook, and a range of Laundry supplements also sold out. The final batch of The Doctor Who Card Games in the US almost sold out

We finished the show with 47 empty boxes.

Everything is still awesome when you're part of a team

Everything is still awesome when you're part of a very tired team.

Behind the scenes we had a raft of very successful meetings and we can't wait to reveal some of the exciting things we have planned for the end of this year and for 2015.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the stand, we felt truly loved and we hope we can continue to do your enthusiasm for what we do justice in the coming year. Thanks too to the organisers of Gen Con and The ENnie Awards. We can only imagine what a huge undertaking these things are to put together.

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