The Cubicle 7 Dragonmeet Report – Part 2

Last weekend Cubicle 7 was at Dragonmeet 2014, one of the UK’s best conventions held right in the heart of London itself. We were there running demo games, holding seminars, chatting to fans about our books and selling lots of games to excited customers.

We had a great time there! Read on to find out what went on in our seminars and what 2015 holds for Cubicle 7.

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As well as chatting to loads of you at our stall, one of the things that kept us busy all day were the four seminars the Cubicle 7 team were involved in. It’s always tricky to know how many people are going to show up for a seminar when there’s so much other great stuff to do at a convention, so it was nice that all of our seminars were packed!


Jon talking about the design aesthetics of the new edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game. Photo courtesy GMS Magazine.

In the first seminar of the day, entitled 'Where does gaming art come from?' art director and deputy CEO Jon Hodgson talked about how the art that appears in a tabletop game gets made. He addressed the topics of idea creation, visual design for games, graphic design and illustration, using some of Cubicle 7's most recent games to illustrate his points - including the brand-new edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game.


Cubicle 7 also had their own dedicated seminar, in which CEO Dominic McDowall and his deputy Jon Hodgson reflected back on what a year 2014 has been for us, as well as talking about some of our plans for next year.
Amongst the titles revealed were The Silurian Age (for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space), Oaths of the Riddermark (an adventure anthology for the next One Ring supplement, The Horse-lords of Rohan) and Journeys & Maps (a deluxe set of Middle-earth game maps and a guide to travel for The One Ring) and our new dice game, Dalek Dice, designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello.

Dom also appeared on the panel at Chaosium’s seminar, discussing progress on the Cthulhu Britannica boxed set and revealing our plans for expanding the World War Cthulhu setting to other conflicts – namely the American Revolutionary War, the First World War, the Cold War and World War III – via Kickstarter next year.

Finally, closing proceedings for the day with a bang, Joe Dever showed us how it was done with a spectacular talk about the history – and future – of Lone Wolf, including The Lone Wolf Adventure Game.

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