Rocket Age’s Stellar Supplements

Yesterday we released a brand-new PDF supplement for Rocket Age, The Asteroid Belt, detailing the adventures to be had in this hazardous region of the Solar System.

The Asteroid Belt joins a stellar line up of supplements already released for Rocket Age, from PDF adventures to entire planetary supplements and more besides. In today's post we take a look at some of these awesome products.

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Blood Red Mars

Blood Red Mars is The Asteroid Belt's bigger brother - whereas The Asteroid Belt is a 24-page supplement, Blood Red Mars is 160 pages packed full of setting material. You will find a complete gazetteer of the alien world, listing of its major cities, principalities, physical features, and geographic regions, along with story hooks and example characters for each. There’s also information and rules for the (often-deadly) flora and fauna of Mars including the dreaded silt sea dragons, deadly stigia bird, and ravenous desert well tree; a list of organizations operating on Mars, each with detailed descriptions of their history, operations, and rules and story hooks for using them in the game; a complete adventure set on the Red Planet and more besides!

Blood Red Mars is available in all good gaming stores, as well as on our webstore and to download as a PDF.

Heroes of the Solar System

Heroes of the Solar System, the second sourcebook for Rocket Age, offers you a look at the heroes of the rocket set. The focus of Heroes of the Solar System is on the player characters, though Gamemasters will still find plot hooks and episode ideas galore.

This book is just filled with new ideas for familiar species, new organizations for your heroes to fight for (and sometimes against), new equipment to use in their explorations and adventures and new character traits. It also contains four new playable sophont species: the beloved Lizard Monkeys of Venus, the ancient Robomen of Mars, the winged Jovians of the skies of Jupiter and the utterly bizarre Metisians, cephalopodian soldiers of the Europans.

Heroes of the Solar System is available in all good gaming stores, as well as on our webstore and to download as a PDF.

PDF Supplements


The Asteroid Belt is by no means the first PDF supplement for Rocket Age - in fact there are eight PDF adventures already available to buy from RPGNow, taking in such excitement as the rescue of a kidnapped Martian prince, an expedition to a lost city in the Venusian jungle and a daring rocket race around the Solar System.

Lost City of the Ancients is an ENnie nominated free adventure, so make sure you grab that right away!

In Bring 'em Back Alive the heroes join a scientific expedition deep into the Venusian jungles, where they make a startling discovery.

Mind Dunes of the Moon sees an alien plot to take over the Earth spawned on our very own Moon - our heroes must take a rocket to Luna City to put an end to it!

In No Good Deed our heroes' rocket ship crashes onto the Saturnian moon of Rhea, where a rescue mission quickly turns into something far more sinister.

A Prince's Ransom sees the heroes hired to rescue a kidnapped Silthuri Prince, but all is not as it seems!

Rocket Racers is set during the First Solar Cup, a daring space-race from the Earth to Mars and back - but it's threatened by the mysterious Ghost Racer!

And finally, in the Warlord of the Gravitic Portal both Mars and Earth itself are threatened by the titular villain and his terrifying weapon of mass destruction!


If all this talk of Rocket Age has got you excited, but you're not really sure where to start, then we have  a couple of different PDF Bundles available for you.

The Rocket Age Blast Off! Bundle contains everything you need to get going with Rocket Age: the Core Rulebook, Blood Red Mars and the Lost City of the Ancients adventure; while the Everything But the Rocket Sink Bundle adds in a further 6 adventures to the bundle, providing you with more than enough adventuring material for your first few months of play!

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