Rocket Age: Asteroid Belt Reviews and PDF Adventures

We’ve had a couple of new reviews for our most recent Rocket Age release – The Asteroid Belt – that we thought we’d share with you today.

And, ahead of the release of The Trail of the Scorpion, we thought we’d take a look at some of the other great PDF adventures already available for the Rocket Age roleplaying game.

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The Asteroid Belt is a new PDF supplement detailing the treacherous region of space between Mars and Jupiter, containing a gazetteer of locations to visit and characters to meet, as well as plot hooks, new organisations, technology and alien critters.

We’ve had a couple of great reviews for The Asteroid Belt recently over at RPGNow, which we thought we'd share with you today:

As David says in his review, “Like most Rocket Age supplements the emphasis is on story telling and adventure hooks. You want to be an independent miner trying to eke out a living? A pirate? A corporate enforcer? Done. The options are all there. For the price, there's no reason not to buy it.”

And Andrew saysThese short PDF offerings are really good value! Avoiding spoiler, but this one adds a decent new antagonist (or employer, depending on your PCs) in the form of 5th Orbit Excavations, and a number of interesting adventure sites to boot! Go get it!” 

And who are we to argue, Andrew?

The Asteroid Belt is by no means the first PDF supplement for Rocket Age - in fact there are eight PDF adventures already available to buy from RPGNow, taking in such excitement as the rescue of a kidnapped Martian prince, an expedition to a lost city in the Venusian jungle and a daring rocket race around the Solar System.


Lost City of the Ancients is an ENnie nominated free adventure, so make sure you grab that right away!

In Bring 'em Back Alive the heroes join a scientific expedition deep into the Venusian jungles, where they make a startling discovery.

Mind Dunes of the Moon sees an alien plot to take over the Earth spawned on our very own Moon - our heroes must take a rocket to Luna City to put an end to it!

In No Good Deed our heroes' rocket ship crashes onto the Saturnian moon of Rhea, where a rescue mission quickly turns into something far more sinister.

A Prince's Ransom sees the heroes hired to rescue a kidnapped Silthuri Prince, but all is not as it seems!

Rocket Racers is set during the First Solar Cup, a daring space-race from the Earth to Mars and back - but it's threatened by the mysterious Ghost Racer!

And finally, in the Warlord of the Gravitic Portal both Mars and Earth itself are threatened by the titular villain and his terrifying weapon of mass destruction!

About The Asteroid Belt

Spinning and tumbling between Mars and Jupiter, a vast conglomeration of asteroids and planetary fragments spread across millions of miles in the fifth orbital position around the Sun. The remains of the planet Eris, these stellar bodies range in size, speed, and trajectory. Though travelling through such chaos is dangerous, the mineral and archaeological wealth present within the ancient rocks make such voyages tempting and lucrative despite the risks.

The Asteroid Belt is by no means a dead zone, untouched by outside influences. The Belt is home to many: venture capitalists, pirates, criminals, xeno-archaeologists, and more inhabit the frozen surfaces and hollowed-out interiors of the asteroids of the Belt. These brave and foolish individuals face hardships unique to the region; though some survive and prosper, most accomplish neither.

The Asteroid Belt is a 24-page supplement for Rocket Age by Gabriel Garcia and illustrated by Scott Purdy. In it you will find a gazetteer of some of the locations within the Asteroid Belt, from the treacherous but mineral-rich Fields of Golundria to the mysterious xeno-archaeology of Kalami Gru, describing each in detail alongside characters to encounter and plot hooks to investigate. There are also rules for four new organisations, new equipment and new creatures.


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