bundle-1 We're taking over Bundle of Holding and have two amazing deals running over the festive period. You can grab a huge selection of brilliant PDFs for a tiny fraction of what they'd normally cost, as well as giving a boost to our chosen charity, Doctors Without Borders. If you chose to pay more than the threshold price you'll qualify for extra rewards. And who knows, if things go well additional titles may be added?
We're offering an amazing deal on Qin, Yggdrassil, Keltia and Kuro PDFs:

Plus, there's an amazing festive deal on Cthulhu Britannica, which includes the fabulous, award-winning London Boxed Set in PDF:

We hope this incredible package of deals helps you enjoy a peaceful festive period, jam-packed with awesome gaming!

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time-clash-contents550Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set is selling out in hobby stores, and we gather some retailers are struggling to get copies via distribution channels. Fear not - restocks are en route as we type, and we're doing our best to help make sure enough copies are moving to where they need to be.

Meanwhile, check out this unboxing video to see what's inside that beautiful square box:


Find out more: http://cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/doctor-who-time-clash/


Doctor Who Time Clash is our brand new Doctor Who card game designed by Jeff Tidball. It's fresh, fast and fun, with a great depth of play and re-playability thanks to it's modular arc system.  Check out the video to find out more!

Doctor Who Time Clash is available in all good game stores now for $29.99/£23.99.

Learn more:

Download the free rulebook:

And look out for our Doctor Who Time Clash expansions coming in 2017:


We're delighted to unveil the cover to the forthcoming Adventures in Middle-earth Loremaster's Guide by renowned fantasy artist Ralph Horsley.

Ralph is a familiar name to devotees of the art of Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering and the Hearthstone Card Game, and is a long time friend of Cubicle 7. We're honoured to have him making another cover for us, and we hope you're as impressed as we are. Lovely stuff, Ralph!

The Loremaster's Guide is almost complete - we're still hoping for an end of month PDF release, but with the holiday season fast approaching there's a possibility we might slip into next month. Fingers crossed we don't! The print edition will follow as soon as humanly (printerly?) possible!

The Loremaster's Guide is packed with extra setting material and advice for running Adventures in Middle-earth. There are expanded rules and guidance for running Journeys, Audiences, new rules for combat and adversaries, and a whole lot more. You can pre-order it now at the Cubicle 7 web store.

Click here to find out more about Adventures in Middle-earth, the OGL setting guide that brings the world's greatest fantasy setting to the world's best loved roleplaying game ruleset.


gamesmasters-companion-packshot550Available for pre-order and in PDF now: The Gamemaster's Companion for Doctor Who Roleplaying Game.

So you're the Gamemaster now?

Sitting in the Gamemaster's chair can be the most daunting job in roleplaying games. It is also the most rewarding. This book is here to help you get the most out of the experience.

The Gamemaster's Companion is a resource for you to use to run the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, offering expert advice on creating scenarios in the style of the Doctor’s adventures. It’s a veritable toolbox of tips, tricks and techniques that you can use in your own games.

You’ll be using flashbacks, starting games in media res and ending your next session with a killer cliffhanger before you know it!

Starting out – how to set up a new game, and advice on guiding your players through effective character creation.

Adventures – an advice-filled exploration of the role of the Gamemaster, detailing plotting adventures, detailed, expert guidance on writing story arcs, and a gigantic random adventure generator.

Villains and Monsters – a TARDIS-full of hints and tips on creating memorable villains and effective adversaries for your games.

Settings – how to create them and how to get your players onboard.

Running Games - guidance for keeping everyone happy, busy and engaged, with notes on pacing, foreshadowing, exterminating characters, people, places, planets and impossible places.

Three new Doctor Who adventures – Death in Toytown, The Grip of the Kraken and The Bellagio Imbroglio.

“Hello. anyway, why don’t we stop and have a nice little chat where I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to stop me, I don’t think.” - The Master, Utopia

Written by Morgan Davie, Mark Lawford, Andrew Peregrine, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and Nathaniel Torson, the Gamemaster's Companion is a 160 page, full colour, hardcover.

Pre-order at our web store now: http://shop.cubicle7store.com/Doctor-Who-RPG-Gamemasters-Companion
Or grab the PDF: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/199893/Doctor-Who--The-Gamemaster's-Companion?affiliate_id=169435
Or pre-order at your local Bits and Mortar gamestore and get the PDF free.

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Coming soon...

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At the heart of every great story are great characters. The Adventurer’s Companion for The One Ring Roleplaying Game is a guide and reference for players, designed to help them make those truly evocative characters. You can buy the Adventurer's Companion in PDF now.

The Adventurer’s Companion is packed with advice to make your player-hero truly feel a part of Middle-earth, along with new character options and exciting new rules including:

• New playable cultures, along with a comprehensive collection of cultures from The One Ring supplements, brought together for the first time: Dunlendings, Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, Dwarves of the Grey Mountain, Dwarves of the Iron Hills, Elves of Lorien, Men of Bree, Men of the Lake, Men of Minas Tirith, Riders of Rohan, Wayward Elves, Wild Hobbits, High Elves of Rivendell, Rangers of the North.

• A new Calling: The Leader, and new rules for Taking Courage.

• New combat options including: Two weapon fighting, new Combat Tasks, new rules for Combat Roles and expanded Called Shots.

• New rules for character development – Expanded Masteries, Training Masteries, and Mastery Dice.

• Rules Summaries present easy to use reference guides to Character Creation, Combat, Encounters and Travel.

• A catalogue of Fellowship Phase Undertakings from across The One Ring supplements, guidance on choosing a Patron, Famous Companies to join, new rules for yearly events and generational play with the Heirs of Heroes.

• Optional rules for further detailing your character’s Traits, your travelling gear, musical instruments and even what you’ve got in your pocketses, you tricksy Bagginses!

The Adventurer’s Companion is an invaluable asset to all players of The One Ring Roleplaying Game.

Written by Francesco Nepitello with Adam Dials, Jon Hodgson, Andrew Kenrick, TS Luikart, Gareth Ryder Hanrahan, Marco Rafalá and James Spahn

Illustrated by Jon Hodgson, Jason Juta, Sam Manley, Jeremy McHugh, Naomi Robinson and Egil Thompson

The Adventurer's Companion is 160 pages long, in full colour.

Available now in PDF: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/199569/The-One-Ring--Adventurers-Companion
Alternatively pre-order the hard copy version at our webstore, or your local participating Bits and Mortar store, and get the PDF free.


Today marks the 53rd Anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who being broadcast.  And today Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set hits US store shelves! (The UK and European release isn't far behind!)
timeclashstarterset550Doctor Who Time Clash is an asymmetric card game, designed by superstar games designer, Jeff Tidball.

It's fast, fun and has huge re-playability thanks to its modular game arcs.

Players take the side of either the Doctor or the Daleks, and each has a different way to win - the Doctor is trying to build positive points and stack the cards in a way that will favour his final cunning gambit. The Daleks are simply trying to build crushing amounts of negative points.
At the heart of Time Clash are 3 arcs, representing a Companion, a Time and an Enemy. The starter set comes with 9 of these arcs, which you can mix and match in different combinations to create different and exciting rules variations.

Adding a strategic element is the location of the Doctor - either side can move his TARDIS between the 3 arcs, activating different powers that change the rules in crucial ways.
tardis1Next year we're following up the release of Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set with Against the Cybermen and Against the Master, featuring the 11th and 10th Doctors, each offering unique game play expansions. You'll be able to combine the card decks and arcs from each set to offer a vast range of different game options.

The Starter Set is of course the perfect place to begin your Time Clash journey and prepare you for further struggles as your favourite incarnation of the Doctor against his most fearsome enemies.

If you'd like to learn how to play, grab the rulebook PDF for free here.
Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set retails $29.99 or £23.99.If you don't have a local games store you can order it at our web store here: http://shop.cubicle7store.com/Doctor-Who-Time-Clash-Starter-Set



product-range-mockup_1200pxDoctor Who Time Clash Starter Set hits US stores this week! (With UK and European release date hot in its heels!)

The starter set features the Twelfth Doctor and the Daleks.

You’ll play cards representing plans, threats, tech, and quips to stacks that represent the time of the struggle, the Doctor’s companion, and the enemy’s influence. The two sides also compete to control the Doctor’s location, which activates or deactivates crucial powers.

Designed by Jeff Tidball, Doctor Who Time Clash is fast and fun, and with 9 game arcs included in the starter set offers huge replay value.

Plus in 2017 we'll be bringing you the Eleventh Doctor against the Cybermen, and the Tenth Doctor against The Master!

The Doctor card decks, Enemy card decks, and game arcs are all interchangeable!

Find out more:


fictionfavesrpg_bookbundle-twitter-post2There's not long to go before the Humble Bundle Fiction Faves goes away forever - don't miss the chance to buy some goodies from The Laundry RPG line (as well as other amazing literary-based settings) and contribute to some very worthy charities. Only one day to go, so don't leave it to the last minute!

Link: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/fiction-faves-rpg-book-bundle

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