This week we're launching our Kickstarter for Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign. We spoke to lead writer, and the creator of the game, CA Suleiman to get the inside story:

Give us the elevator pitch for the game? What’s it all about?
Unspeakable is a cosmic horror setting that features perhaps the ultimate role reversal, allowing players to take on personas not of ordinary people investigating or otherwise drawn into the Mythos, but the personas of those who actually inhabit the Mythos.

There are a lot of other Mythos games on the market right now. What makes Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign different?
As both game and product, a number of things make Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign different from other Mythos-oriented offerings, but the two chief features are the central concept and the default system it uses. No other Mythos game pulls back the veil of mystery on the Mythos itself in this way, and of course only MBG projects feature our in-house RPG engine, the Axiom System.
So who are your characters in Unspeakable Sigil & Sign? What kinds of things do you do in the game?
The chief protagonists of Sigil & Sign are called Outsiders. They are the cultists, servants, cast-offs, and misbegotten children of the Old Ones, living lives caught between two very different worlds.
Make Believe Games have published some games that use a very different format than the average RPG. Will Sigil & Sign follow suit? Tell us more about that!
One thing we at MBG are proud of is our approach to designing and releasing major RPG products. Unlike most companies, who print one corebook (or a couple) that's all-inclusive of both game rule information and setting presentation, we offer a system-free corebook that serves purely as a world and character guide, while attaching our core rules and cards (for our card-based system) as separate-but-equally-core products. Additionally, all core rules are made available for free as downloads on our website.
Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign uses the Axiom system that powers I Am Zombie. What can you tell us about it? How does it work? What sort of system is it?
The Axiom System is a story-driven game engine that runs almost entirely on cards and dice. Gone is the traditional character sheet, replaced by hands of cards that show in simple terms what a character can do, and moving cards around during play is a tactically compelling way to keep players engaged in the story. With the addition of tokens, old school pencil-and-paper bookkeeping at the table becomes a thing of the past.
The art we’ve seen looks really atmospheric - who are the art team?
The finished product will be the result of the efforts of a whole team of creatives, but the mad scientist behind the art direction and most of the portrait art you'll see during the campaign and on the game cards is Mark Kelly, our Art Director here at MBG. Other fine artists are coming aboard, but they're all following Mark's gifted lead.
Teaming up with Cubicle 7 was a surprising move - can you tell us more about that decision? How did the partnership come about?
For MBG to team up with Cubicle 7 might not be an obvious notion to some, but I think it's one of the strongest ideas I've had in relation to a project that I like to think is chock full of strong ideas. Beyond C7's strong track record of producing quality RPGs, the partnership also allows us, at MBG, to focus more on the creative side of getting all the project components together (a tall order with an approach like ours). There's also the practical market side, as we know that Mythos stuff is very popular in Europe, and as a European company, C7 is well situated to help us get this exciting new idea onto a range of tables we might otherwise have missed.
Anything that you’re especially excited about in the Kickstarter? Anything exclusive or especially unique?

The Sigil & Sign Kickstarter is going to be amazing. Once the core project is funded, we'll be offering a host of cool stretch goals that create support content and material, from product enhancements and upgrades to the Axiom System Play Mat to original tie-in fiction by well known Mythos authors.

Thanks CA for taking the time away from hectic KS prep to fill us in! All being well, Unspeakable Sigil and Sign launches this week!

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We're all fantastically excited to see Doctor Who back on screens! We can't wait for tomorrow when we'll get to see what happens next to Bill and the Doctor. In the meantime tonight we'll be getting in a few games of Time Clash and Dalek Dice, and working on some fiendish plots for our next collection of Doctor Who Roleplaying Game adventures!

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The Adventures in Middle-earth Loremaster's Guide reached our US warehouse last week, and our teams have been working hard to get copies out to our US pre-order customers. There were a huge number of copies to go out - Adventures in Middle-earth titles so far seems to sell a lot more than our other games - so by necessity our warehouse handled it in batches. We can confirm that all US pre-order copies of the Lormaster's Guide have now been dispatched.

Thank you for all your support, we've been blown away by how well it's been received. Show us your photos on Twitter when your copy arrives!

Find out more about Adventures in Middle-earthhttp://cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/adventures-in-middle-earth/
Check out the latest release in PDF - Wilderland Adventures!: http://cubicle7.co.uk/wilderland-adventures-for-adventures-in-middle-earth-out-now-in-pdf/

We've noticed that our loyal fans of The One Ring Roleplaying Game can get quite upset if we talk too much about Adventures in Middle-earth, so an update on TOR: Bree is coming along very nicely - we're finishing up layout just now, and then we'll start final polishing. Oaths of the Riddermark, the Rohan adventure collection has left editing, and is heading into layout and art direction. The Laughter of Dragons, the Erebor adventure collection is waiting in the wings to head into the editorial spotlight next. We're also working on some secret stuff that we aren't ready to talk about yet. So lots going on behind the scenes, which hopefully we'll soon be sharing with you and your adventuring companies!


Greetings Earthlings!
Bundle of Holding, the site where you can get amazing deals on stacks of incredible PDFs is now featuring Rocket Age from Cubicle 7!
You can grab all the Rocket Age PDFs for an absolute fraction of what they’d normally cost, all in one place!

Go to it right now!: https://bundleofholding.com/presents/RocketAge2017

Or strap in and learn more about the awesomeness that is Rocket Age:
Rocket Age is set in a universe where, in 1931 Einstein, Tesla and Ray Armstrong, rode the first rocket ship to Mars, discovering that the solar system is populated by strange and wondrous alien peoples and adventure is never far away!

"It's an alternate history pulpy retro-sci-fi space opera planetary romance. It's throttled up rocket packs burning radium on the long blast to the farthest reaches of the Solar System. It's hunting thunder lizards in the upland jungles of Venus. It's battling Ancient Martian killing machines piloted by the Deutsche Marskorps across the baking red deserts of Mars. It's exploring the deadly skies of Jupiter under the constant threat of Europan disintegration. It's RAY gun wielding heroes bulls-eyeing mutants in the blasted ruins of Io"

Rocket Age is powered by the Vortex System – the same ruleset that drives Doctor Who RPG. It's a quick and easy system using D6s that encourages fast talking and high adventure. Rocket Age was the proud recipient of an ENnie Award in 2014.

Go get that bundle, Ranger, and don't spare the radium!: https://bundleofholding.com/presents/RocketAge2017

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Wilderland Adventures
is available in PDF now!

It features seven brilliant adventures by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan that have been tried and tested for Adventures in Middle-earth's sister game, The One Ring Roleplaying Game, and which have now been carefully converted to Adventures in Middle-earth OGL rules.

Including new monsters, new journey event tables for each adventure, optional battle maps for use if that's how your group roll, as well as a unique XP award structure, Wilderland Adventures is the perfect companion to your other Adventures in Middle-earth volumes!

The seven adventures can be played individually, or as a linked campaign as our new-found company of heroes battles a darkness rising in Wilderland. Played as a campaign this is a tour de force expedition across the region. You'll meet familiar faces, experience the horrors of Mirkwood, meet ancient Elves, drink ale with Hobbits, defeat Goblins, resolve familial disputes, explore ancient ruins, fight a pitched battle and travel far, far North into the Waste, where dragons dwell...

It's also available to preorder from our web store, or any participating Bits and Mortar game store, which includes the PDF free.


Meanwhile, there's good news if you've pre-ordered the Loremaster's Guide from the US. Copies are in our US warehouse, and they've started heading out to you. This will happen in waves, because there's a huge amount of orders to process. Please bear with us and thanks for your patience - your LMG will be with you very soon!

Grab Adventures in Middle-earth in PDF: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/209974/Adventures-in-Middleearth--Wilderland-Adventures?affiliate_id=169435

Pre-order the physical version and get the PDF free: http://shop.cubicle7store.com/Adventures-in-Middle-earth-Wilderland-Adventures-PDF

Find out more about Adventures in Middle-Earth: http://cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/adventures-in-middle-earth/


Coming soon to Kickstarter

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We have some news to share about our translated game lines - Yggdrasill, Qin, Kuro and Keltia.

We’ll be ceasing sale of these games at the end of June. We wanted to let you know now, so that you have an opportunity to buy anything you’ve been thinking of picking up.

However, take heart! We’re delighted to say that once our time as custodians of these games comes to an end, we’ll be handing over to le 7eme Cercle, who created these fine titles. And so in future English language versions of Yggdrasill, Qin, Kuro and Keltia will be available through them, along with any future supplements they translate.

So what happened?
Fans of our translated lines will be aware that progress has been painfully slow. Getting these titles translated for the English language market, at the quality we demand, has consistently proved a big challenge. We love all of these games - which is why we licensed them in the first place - but we have really struggled to find a workable solution.

We’ve been quietly trying to find a workflow that provides a reliable production schedule at a cost that can be recouped by sales. Despite our best efforts, and the efforts of several different line developers and teams, nothing has stuck. We’ve spent some time talking with le 7eme Cercle to identify the best way forward, and have decided that these great games should return to their creators.

We’ll be doing everything we can to help le 7eme Cercle hit the ground running, and we’ll be handing over all the unpublished material we have in hand. We all feel that this is the best way to look after the many fans of these games.
Le 7eme Cercle is the proper home for all of these great titles, and we wish them the very best in their mission to bring them into the English language!

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UK games publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment has forged a partnership agreement with Make Believe Games, the company of legendary Vampire: The Masquerade creator Mark Rein-Hagen. They have announced their intention to release a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the cosmic horror of writers like H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth.

In Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign expectations are flipped on their heads, and players take the role of cultists, members of an apparently evil organization, dedicated to the destruction of mundane reality. The game explores the multifaceted themes of what it means to be monsters, looking out on a world that is as disturbing and maddening to them as they are to it.

Dominic McDowall, CEO of Cubicle 7 Entertainment, had this to say:

“As a life-long fan of Mark Rein-Hagen’s work I am insanely excited about this partnership between our companies and what it enables us to bring to gamers. Cubicle 7 has some really strong experience with Mythos games, and Mark’s company brings some really brilliant creative talent, like C.A. Suleiman, to the table. We’re creating something truly fresh with Unspeakable: Sigil & Sign. New situations, new play experiences, and a whole new way to explore the Mythos.”

“For me, the entire concept of The Unspeakable setting is like a final exam of game design,” added creator-developer Suleiman. “Without abandoning what’s central to it, nor even leaving its classic pulp era, we get to pull back the veil on some of the deeper mysteries of the Cthulhu Mythos, in the process rendering a game environment as rich and compelling as that of any tabletop game setting.”

“I can’t remember a time before I loved the Mythos,” said Mark Rein-Hagen, founder of Make Believe Games and creator of Vampire: The Masquerade and the World of Darkness. “It was my introduction to horror. Real horror. Words cannot express how excited I am to finally be involved in a truly Lovecraftian RPG.”

Work is now underway on the core set for Sigil & Sign, which introduces the characters and setting as it establishes core rules and themes. It launches on Kickstarter in April. All products in the series will run on the Axiom System, first launched in MBG’s “Toxploitation” RPG, I Am Zombie.

About Cubicle 7
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd is the creative team behind such popular games as The One Ring Roleplaying Game, Adventures in Middle-earth, Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, Cthulhu Tales, World War Cthulhu, Cthulhu Britannica, Doctor Who Time Clash, Dalek Dice, The Laundry RPG, and many more.

Contact Cubicle 7
General Queries: info@cubicle7.co.uk

About Make Believe Games
Make Believe Games is a U.S.-based company committed to making innovative games across multiple platforms. Founded by Vampire: The Masquerade and World of Darkness creator Mark Rein-Hagen, it is the publisher of President Cthulhu, the Democracy board game, and the I Am Zombie RPG, which introduced the tabletop gaming world to its card-based in-house game engine, the Axiom System.

Contact Make Believe Games
Nathan Tucker | Media Coordinator: NT@makebelievegames.com

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Hitting US store shelves this week: Adventurer's Companion for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, and Paternoster Investigations for Doctor Who Roleplaying Game!

The Adventurer's Companion 

This volume is the perfect supplement for committed One Ring players - collecting a ton of playable cultures from across the various supplements, as well as adding new ones. There are new additional rules for combat, new skill masteries, a table for what you've got in your pocketses and more.

The Adventurer's Companion contains:

• New playable cultures, along with a comprehensive collection of cultures from The One Ring supplements, brought together for the first time: Dunlendings, Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, Dwarves of the Grey Mountain, Dwarves of the Iron Hills, Elves of Lorien, Men of Bree, Men of the Lake, Men of Minas Tirith, Riders of Rohan, Wayward Elves, Wild Hobbits, High Elves of Rivendell, Rangers of the North.

• A new Calling: The Leader, and new rules for Taking Courage.

• New combat options including: Two weapon fighting, new Combat Tasks, new rules for Combat Roles and expanded Called Shots.

• New rules for character development – Expanded Masteries, Training Masteries, and Mastery Dice.

• Rules Summaries present easy to use reference guides to Character Creation, Combat, Encounters and Travel.

• A catalogue of Fellowship Phase Undertakings from across The One Ring supplements, guidance on choosing a Patron, Famous Companies to join, new rules for yearly events and generational play with the Heirs of Heroes.

• Optional rules for further detailing your character’s Traits, your travelling gear, musical instruments and even what you’ve got in your pocketses, you tricksy Bagginses!

Paternoster Investigations

Paternoster Investigations takes your Doctor Who Roleplaying Game to the Victorian era: favourite haunt of the Doctor and home to the Paternoster Gang. Victorian London and the particulars of the age are laid out in all their varied splendours.

• A catalogue of all the Doctor’s on-screen visits to Victorian era.
• A tour of the Victorian era as a setting with notes on how to get the best from it in your games.
• Expert advice on constructing your own Victorian-era adventures and Paternoster Gang campaigns.
• A guide to Victorian London with both historical and alien locations.
• New traits, gadgets and devices for the Victorian age.
• A complete Victorian-era adventure: A Study in Flax.
• Character sheets for Victorian-era characters: Madame Vastra, Jenny, Jago and Litefoot, Jackson Lake, and more.

Written by Andrew Peregrine and Walt Ciechanowski, 128 pages, full colour, hard back.

That Babylon of the moderns with its crystal light and its glitter. All aswarm with the wretched ruins of humanity. Men and women crushed by the Devil’s juggernaut. Moral turpitude can destroy the most delicate of lives. Believe me, I know. I know!– Mrs Gillyflower, The Crimson Horror

Not got a local store? Head on over to our web store and grab everything there!


We're once again delighted to be able to share with you a new cover for an upcoming release for Adventures in Middle-earth™!

The Road Goes Ever On™ is a beautiful collection of 4 large format journey maps for Adventures in Middle-earth, along with a 32 page supplement packed with setting information, rules and guidance on making the most of your journeys.

The wonderful cover by C7 staff artist Sam Manley sees a company of our iconic adventurers on the road in Wilderland.

The Road Goes Ever On is anticipated as a 2017 release. It contains information first seen in Journeys and Maps for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, along with new material specific to the 5e rules.

In other Adventures in Middle-earth news, don't forget that the pre-order for Wilderland Adventures is now open, and copies of the Loremaster's Guide have arrived in our warehouse.

Meanwhile, for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, we're hard at work on Bree, Oaths of the Riddermark and some things we haven't had time to mention yet! Exciting times!

Stay tuned for more information on The Road Goes Ever On and all our other Middle-earth roleplaying games in the near future!