The One Ring: Upcoming releases

TOR-Header2014aWe’ve been blown away by the fantastic reception to the game, culminating in the Origin Award nomination for the best RPG of 2011, Best of Show at Lucca 2012, A Golden Geek Award in 2012, Gold ENnie and Silver ENnies at Gencon 2012, and a Golden Geek Nomination for 2013. Thanks for your support; it means a huge amount to us.

Upcoming One Ring Releases

Oaths of the Riddermark – an adventure anthology for Rohan.

The Adventurer’s Companion
 – The first supplement aimed squarely at players. Including a whole wealth of advice, ideas and background for making your own hero and company, as well as new Heroic Cultures including Bree-folk, Riders of Rohan, Dwarves of the Blue Mountain, the Elves of Lorien and People of Gondor, a new Calling in the form of the Captain, and expanded rules for generational play.

Erebor The Lonely Mountain (Out now in pre-order/PDF!) This supplement details the mountain home of the Dwarves in Wilderland, along with a closer look at the rebuilt town of Dale, and the surrounding countryside.

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