Qin Supplements

Qin Supplements



Qin Start up kit

This start-up kit is an introduction, an overview of the Qin role-playing game. The mechanics presented here are a partial but playable version. They do not include all techniques and combat options, and nor do they present the Qin magic system. We encourage you to test the basic mechanics through a combat between the two pre-generated characters herein.Download it free here.

Qin Screen

This deluxe heavy card stock screen features stunning artwork and is packed with all the information a Game Master needs for easy reference during a session of Qin

Qin Legends

In the course of their trials and adventures heroes reach mastery levels far beyond the abilities of common men and women. In this age of warfare heroes wrote history and became legends.   The 32 page Legends sourcebook contains information for the progression of high-level characters, details on the Northern barbarians and a scenario kicking off the Tian Xia campaign.

Qin Bestiary

Qin - exotic and fantastic! A land of myths, legends, superstitions and marvels.  From classic dragons to exotic fox women, Qin is full of many fantastic beings, the existence of which is laughed at in the cities but makes those in the remote villages tremble.  Available as mysterious folklore or as foes to vanquish, you can discover the fantastic creatures of Qin to populate your adventures.


The Tournament of Scarlet and White

Every year Governor Qi Xiang holds a tournament to which the mightiest warriors travel to compete, attracting merchants and artisans for the business the tournament brings. Take part in this tournament, prove your mettle, and uncover a bloody tale of intrigue and murder - if you can survive! Available in PDF

Available for Preorder now: The Art of War

The Art of War is the essential military supplement for ‘Qin: The Warring States’ dedicated to war, military life and the martial politics of the Zhongguo. Gamemasters and players alike will find it an invaluable guide for military campaigns and adventures.



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