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With Victoriana’s first magic supplement, Liber Magica, just hitting stores, I asked line developer Walt Ciechanowski to pick his favourite three things in it.

Walt: Truth is there's so much I love inside Liber Magica it's hard to pick just 3!

Andrew: [threatening Walt with an Eldritch Weapon] Try harder.

Walt: OK, OK! There's so much shiny packed into Liber Magica, but I think my three favourite bits are Eldritch Weapons, Tattoo Magic, and Necrotic Grafts.

1. Eldritch Weapons: Maybe it's my inner Luke Skywalker, but I love the idea of Victorian ladies and gentlemen being able to brandish glowing magical blades in the face of ruffians.
2. Tattoo Magic:
I love tattoo magic because it's colourful and subverts expectations. Literally anyone could have a magically enhanced tattoo, meaning that your average drunken Huldu sailor may be able to spring talons from his tattooed fingers while a lady accosted on the street might instantly summon a loaded revolver into her hand.

3. Necrotic Grafts: These are Victoriana’s spin on Frankenstein's monster. I love how they’re a creepier, more 'Gothic' version of clockwork limbs; the Victorian period is at its most evocative when it's grim, gritty, and morally questionable. Necrotic grafts (attaching corpse parts to one's body) fits the bill!

About Liber Magica

While science and industry hold ever more sway over the world of Victoriana, magic remains a powerful force, from the aristocratic hermeticists who provide instant health care to the nobility to the petty conjurers who make a hard life a little more bearable for labourers. 

But not all magic is so benign. The power to summon demons, to bring the dead back from the dead, to sacrifice the life of another for untold power. 

Magical power is there for the taking, if only you have the will to control it… 

This supplement for Victoriana third edition greatly expands the role of magic in your games, with new spells, new magical skills and more besides.

  • Rules for magical rituals, alchemical physics, tattoo magic, bardism and much, much more.
  • Expanded information on the Maleficium, including the role of demons and devils in the cosmology, necrotic grafts and guidance on making your own undead creature, and rules for Haemomancy.
  • New arcane curiosities, including magical weapons, armour and transport.
  • An in-depth look at five magical organisations, including the Consortium of Hermetic Guilds, to aid or challenge adventurers.

Written by Victoriana Line Developer Walt Ciechanowski, Scott Carter, Nimrod Jones and Andrew Peregrine, illustrated by Jon Hodgson and Scott Purdy.

144 pages, black and white interior.


Here we present our first preview of Liber Magica:


Click to download the free PDF


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