New Game, New Year: The One Ring Bundle

What better New Year’s resolution to make than to try out a new game? And, with the New Year, New Game sale, this is one resolution you’re sure to keep!

Head on over to RPGNow to try out a fantastic game for a fantastic price, including our critically acclaimed, award-winning game set in Middle-earth, The One Ring, which is available as part of an amazing bundle deal.

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The biggest bargain on offer in the New Year, New Game sale is our bundle of products for The One Ring, which includes the The One Ring Roleplaying Game itself along with the Loremaster’s Screen and Lake-town Guide, and the first anthology of adventures,Tales from Wilderland, all for just $15! That makes for a massive saving, and provides you with more than enough adventuring material to keep playing well into 2015!

The One Ring Roleplaying Game is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Chock full of incredible artwork by leading artists, including John Howe and Jon Hodgson, and with evocative rules designed by award-winning games designer Francesco Nepitello, there has never been a Lord of the Rings game that’s more evocative of Tolkien’s unique vision. Along with rich and detailed background information, rules that focus on Tolkien’s themes, character types unique to the world and a setting that changes as the Tale of Years progresses, when you play The One Ring Roleplaying Game you really feel like you are playing in Middle-earth.

You can find out more about the game here, go here to find out more about the products included in the bundle deal or read on to find out more about The One Ring Roleplaying Game.

The Setting


Middle-earth is a huge place, stretching thousands of miles from the Lonely Mountain in the north to Far Harad in the south, and beyond. It’s an ancient land too, with a richly detailed history going back thousands of years to the dawn of the First Age.

But The One Ring Roleplaying Game is set in a very particular place, in a very specific time: Wilderland, 5 years after the Battle of Five Armies. Wilderland is at once familiar to fans of the novels, as it's the region both Thorin’s Company and the Fellowship (once broken) traverse on their journeys.

This land is filled with instantly recognisable locations from the novels: Mirkwood, Thranduil’s Halls, Lake-town, Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, Dol Guldur. All are locations ripe for exploration and adventure. Its also home to some of the best-loved characters from the novels too, from Radagast the Brown and the Elvenking Thranduil to King Bard of Dale and King Dáin of Erebor.

You can find out more about the setting here.

The Game

TORAdventuring Phase

Games of The One Ring are split into two phases: the Adventuring phase and the Fellowship phase. In an Adventuring phase, a company of adventurers heads off from their homes and into the Wild, in search of adventure; whereas the Fellowship phase provides heroes with the opportunity to rest and recuperate, to practise their skills or pursue a noble undertaking.

The One Ring Roleplaying Game uses a special set of dice: the twelve-sided Feat die, which is marked with numbers 1-10, as well as two special symbols, Gandalf’s rune and the Eye of Sauron, and a six-sided Success die, which is numbered 1-6, with a Tengwar rune on the 6.

These dice are available to buy separately in all good stores where The One Ringis sold or from our web store, or you can just use a regular d12 and some d6s.

When you make a roll, you roll the Feat die plus a number of Success dice equal to the skill you’re using, add up all the numbers shown and compare it to the Target Number of the action (typically 14).

To find out more about the game’s mechanics, check out this post here. You can find out more about the Adventuring phase here and the Fellowship phase here.

The New Year, New Game Sale

For the duration of the New Year, New Game sale only, The One Ring is available at a bargain price of $15, in a bundle deal that includes not only the core rules manual but also The Tales from Wilderland adventure anthology and the Lake-town Guide and Loremaster's Screen.

If you're at all interested in the game but haven't had the chance to check it out yet, this is the best way to find out more.


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