Lone Wolf Kickstarter – Final Hours!

Well here we are, the final few hours of our Kickstarter campaign for The Lone Wolf Adventure Game! There are just 2 hours left until the end of the Kickstarter and it’s been another fantastic 24 hours. Thank you to all of our backers - but if you've not backed it yet, there's still time!

We've just shot through the $100,000 mark and unlocked another stretch goal - a full-colour Magnamund Bestiary - and we've just announced a few new ones.

We thought that, with the end in site, it’d be a good time to remind everyone exactly what you can now get as part of the Kickstarter rewards.

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game

The product at the heart of the Kickstarter is The Lone Wolf Adventure Game – a gorgeous boxed set full of beautiful full-colour books and play materials. This set contains everything you need to play the game.



All of these supplements are included at the Kai Savant and Kai Master levels. Some of the books are also included at some of the other reward levels, and are available as Add Ons to everyone else:

Terror of the Darklords (£20 hardcover, £12 PDF) – The first major Adventure expansion, this epic quest takes the players from their quiet Kai monastery on a trail of conspiracies that spread across Sommerlund! Hardcover, black and white (colour unlocks at £70,000).

Heroes of Magnamund (£24 hardcover, £14.50 PDF) – This Game expansion introduces many new characters you can play, such as a Magician of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star, or a Dwarven Gunner of Bor. Hardcover, full colour.

Sommerlund (£20 hardcover, £12 PDF) – Setting expansion, containing a wealth of detail about the homeland of the Kai. Explore its proud cities and confound its devious villains; there are a lot of great adventure ideas in this book. Hardcover, full colour.

Magnamund Bestiary (£20 hardcover, £12 PDF) – This Game expansion is an encyclopedia of the hundreds of creature types that exist in Magnamund. It is a fantastic resource that will enable you to populate your games with a huge variety of adversaries to challenge the players. Hardcover, full colour.


World of Magnamund Map (£15) – A large poster, featuring a map of the entirety of Magnamund. Perfect for hanging on the wall of your games room.

Map Sets 1-4 (£13 each) – Each pack contains 4 maps printed on heavy duty card, showing the territory on the front, and setting details on the back. Combined these offer unparalleled detail for the whole world of Magnamund.

Kickstarter-exclusive PDF Pack (PDF free at every reward level) An in-depth look at the settlement of Rookhaven, the setting for many of our future adventures. Contain NPCs to interact with, locations to explore, plot hooks to uncover and even more in-depth setting information that you won’t find anywhere else. It will also contain three complete adventures set within Rookhaven, which will be exclusively available only to our loyal Kickstarter backers.

Add Ons

We’ve also got a selection of fantastic goodies for you to add on to your pledge too:

Kai Cloak (£120) – For the truly discerning Lone Wolf fan, we've joined forces with renowned costumier Jema Hewitt (you may know her by her nom de guerre Emilly Ladybird) to offer a unique and Kickstarter-exclusive add on – Kai cloaks! Using a bespoke design, and being completely unique hand-made items, each Kai cloak is a very special artefact. With a detachable hood and fully lined, these green cloaks are absolutely beautiful and bring a little piece of Magnamund into your possession.

Gold Crowns (available as 10, 30 or 50) – Gold Crowns are the currency of Sommerlund, and now you can get your hands on these iconic coins. We’ve partnered with Campaign Coins to produce these wonderful collectors’ items you can use in your games to track your cash supply, or as tokens to track your points of Kai’s Favour. These gorgeous metal coins come in velvet pouches in quantities of 10, 30 and 50. To add them to your rewards, simply up your pledge amount by £10 for 10 coins, £27 for 30 coins and £40 for the full pouch of 50.



Dice Set (£10) – Perfect for players who want to switch up how they generate their random numbers, and a collector's item for any Lone Wolf fan, these dice from Q Workshop come in a boxed set of 6, and feature the Lone Wolf wolfshead logo on the 10.


Enamelled Tokens (£10) – If you'd like to promote your games to the next level of Kai awesomeness then these beautiful enamelled tokens are for you! Produced by the geniuses at Campaign Coins, they come as a set of 6 double-sided silver metal tokens, with coloured enamel with a different design on each side.


Gamemaster Screen (£10 – included at the Kai Savant and Kai Master levels) – A deluxe heavy-duty card GM screen. If you haven’t seen our screens before, they are made from the same materials as hard cover book covers, and will withstand anything your players (literally) throw at you! The screen will be illustrated by Jon Hodgson, so you know that it will be an outstanding work of art and set the scene perfectly for your games, while including all sorts of useful information for the GM on the inside.

The Lone Wolf Soundtrack (£7 MP3) – This atmospheric set of compositions by Lukasz Stasinski makes the ideal backing track to your Lone Wolf Adventure Game, with a variety of moods and themes. It comprises 7 tracks all together, which will be delivered as digital downloads.

Kickstarter-exclusive Backers’ Companion (£20) – The PDF Pack (see above) is also available in this exclusive hardcover version. Hardcover, black and white.


Add On Combos

We’ve calculated the cost for the most popular combinations of Add On. If you want any of these, just increase your pledge level by the amount indicated (you can see our guide how to do that below).

Kickstarter Add On Sampler – to get the Dice, Enamelled Tokens, 10 Coins and Backers’ Companion increase your pledge by £50.

Kickstarter Add On Sampler+ – to get the Dice, Enamelled Tokens, 50 Coins and Backers’ Companion increase your pledge by £80.

Everything (Not Including the Cloak) – to get the Dice, Enamelled Tokens, 50 Coins, Backers’ Companion, Soundtrack, increase your pledge by £87.

Everything (Including the Cloak) – to get the Dice, Enamelled Tokens, 50 Coins, Backers’ Companion, Soundtrack and Kai Cloak increase your pledge by £207.

How to Include Shipping and Add Ons in your Pledge

Your postage is not automatically added to your pledge – you need to do it manually.

How to add your postage:

  • Click the Manage Your Pledge button on the right-hand side.
  • Change the pledge amount, adding on the postage cost in pounds (£6 for UK/US, £15 for Europe, £25 for rest of the world).
  • You can include Add Ons in your pledge too in the same way – simply increase the pledge amount by the cost of the Add On!

Once the campaign is over, we will be using BackerKit to handle all of your pledges – don’t worry about using BackerKit, it’s not complicated and you’ll get an email from them after the campaign (and we’ll be on hand to help you out). This does mean that you can purchase Add Ons after the campaign has finished, as well as manage your shipping. However, we urge you to add as much in as you can before the campaign ends as the total will help towards unlocking those Stretch Goals!

Learn more at the campaign itself, or at our Lone Wolf page right here on the C7 site.

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