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We've just posted the latest update on the Lone Wolf Adventure Game Kickstarter: The Kai Action Sheet and a summary of the related rules!

You can also download this as a PDF here.

The first thing you'll see is that the sheet is divided into green sections and gold sections. The green sections are used initially at the most basic level of the introductory game which comes in the boxed set.

As you can also see there are a number of stats that you'll recognise from the original Lone Wolf solo gamebooks, and that's where the system starts out.

Discplines are one area where you can really personalise and specialise even your basic character – Not all Kai are the same, and you can shape your character's abilities to suit the way you want to play.

The gold areas see use as various more complex components are unlocked through play.

In addition to those familiar Lone Wolf stats and disciplines you'll see Traits and Skills, which will be the big areas for adding more complexity and depth to the system.

Kai's Favour is another area of interest from the more advanced rules on offer - those of you familiar with our Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg will be familiar with story points, and Kai's Favour offers something similar, with a Magnamund flavour.

If you'd like a copy of just the draft character sheet you can grab that here.

There's lots to look over in the Action Sheet Summary PDF, and I'm sure there will be plenty of questions to answer!  Feel free to share the PDF as widely as you like.  The more people we reach with news of the Kickstarter the more rewards we unlock.  We have some exciting new Lone Wolf add-ons to come too, so stay tuned for those.

In case you missed it in comments we've made a fan pack of graphics available - wall papers for your desktop and iPad, FB cover images and avatars so you can spread the word about The Lone Wolf Adventure Game, as well as just enjoying those graphics at your desktop!

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