Lone Wolf Adventure Game rocks at Dragonmeet

Last weekend Cubicle 7 exhibited at Dragonmeet, a UK convention held annually in London. We were delighted once again to welcome Joe Dever as our guest, and the Lone Wolf Adventure Game was our runaway success of the con.
Loads of attendees were delighted to discover that the Lone Wolf Adventure Game costs just £20/$30. That's not some time limited, promotional price: We ran a very successful Kickstarter and sank all the loot into making the game at a really high standard for a very low price.

We love a lavish boxed set with everything you need to play. We love new gamers. We also love brick and mortar gaming stores. We've brought these three passions together in the Lone Wolf Adventure Game.

It's a complete roleplaying game suitable for total newbies, seasoned gamers and established fans of Joe's world of Magnamund.  It's an ideal entry point for stores to offer curious would-be rpgers, at a realistic price.

In the game you take the role of Kai Lords – protectors of the realm of Sommerlund. The Kai are an order of warrior monks with special powers. They roam the land of Sommerlund taking care of it's people and dealing with any threats from the Darklords, who's evil agents are always abroad, spreading strife.

The rules start out at about the level of complexity you'll find in Joe's solo gamebooks, but with a series of add ons the rules build into a full roleplaying game that teaches you as you play.
Lone Wolf Characters

In the box you get 3 softcover, full colour books, a gatefold “Read this first” pamphlet, a sheet of tokens, pregenerated characters presented as lovely gatefolds, some blank character sheets, a map (every adventure game needs a map!), an equipment list, and some handy rules reference sheets. All for just £20/£30.
Lone Wolf Box Contents
Everything you need to get you gaming.

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf solo gamebooks introduced a generation to fantasy gaming- now the legend continues with The Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Epic quests, thrilling combat and a world of dangerous adventure lie ahead!

Lone Wolf Adventure Game is available in all good gaming stores worldwide, or from our web store. It's the perfect present for the would-be gamer in your life. Or you know, yourself.

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