Lone Wolf Adventure Game – Narrator’s Screen Pre-order Open

Available for pre-order now: Lone Wolf Adventure Game Narrator's Screen
A sturdy and durable screen to hide your Narrator plans, counter flips and die rolls from prying eyes!

One side is packed with useful information to keep your games flowing smoothly, however action-packed they become. The other side bears an epic vista of friends and foes as the inspirational backdrop to your party’s adventures.

A heavyweight four panel screen, this is the ideal accessory for every Lone Wolf Adventure Game table.

The PDF version, which comes free with every order, features each panel as an individual page for easy viewing, along with a file of each side as a whole.

Pre-order now: http://shop.cubicle7store.com/Lone-Wolf-Adventure-Game-Narrators-Screen-PDF

Or you can grab the PDF from DrivethruRPG now.

About Lone Wolf Adventure Game

It began on Kickstarter, where we used the tide of support to create a beginner rpg that costs just $30/£20, but is full of components you'd expect in a box that cost twice that. The box teaches you how to play the game, and includes everything you need! Maps, character sheets, handouts, counters, books, the works!
Since then the line has grown, and there's a whole range of books and accessories to continue your journey into Magnamund. Whether it's the vast range of new character options in Heroes of Magnamund, or the epic Terror of the Darklords Campaign, there's something for everyone.
Find out more here.

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