Lone Wolf Adventure Game – Bestiary of the Beyond: pre-order now

The Bestiary of the Beyond for the Lone Wolf Adventure Game is available to pre-order now!

An invaluable additional volume of monsters and adversaries for the Lone Wolf Adventure Game, this gorgeous book is packed with creatures from the multi-million selling Lone Wolf Gamebooks. Every monster has an illustration, game stats and fascinating additional details about them.

• Agarashi – Creatures of Darkness: Agarashi. Deathstalker, Shape-changer
• Creatures of Magic and Constructs: Drodarin Golem, Rahkos and Tzoog
• Dragon Creatures: Crocaryx, Dragonkin, Zadragon
• Extra-Planar Creatures: Elementals, Ice Demon, Shadow Razor
• Mutants: Beastman, Dhax, Gourgaz and more!
• Making the Most of Your Monsters – advice for the Narrator on how to design and run effective encounters in the Lone Wolf Adventure Game
• Appendix – Providing advice on creating memorable encounters with a series of useful examples, details of the mysterious extinct Agarashi Races.

Written by Joe Dever, Vincent Lazzari, August Hahn and Darren Pearce, and illustrated by Sam Manley and Scott Purdy, Bestiary of the Beyond is a gorgeous full-colour 128 page hardcover.

The PDF is available now, with hard copies expected in the Summer.

• Pre-order now at our web store and get the PDF for free:  http://shop.cubicle7store.com/Bestiary-of-the-Beyond-PDF
• Pre-order at your local Bits and Mortar participating games store and get the PDF free!
• Or just grab the PDF!: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/212685/Lone-Wolf-Adventure-Game--Bestiary-of-the-Beyond?affiliate_id=169435

About the Lone Wolf Adventure Game:

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is a magical, $30 box, stuffed full of wonderful components: gatefold character sheets, books, tokens, maps and handouts. Just the kind of thing we at C7 all loved as kids. We were able to produce something that should cost a lot more through the power of Kickstarter and the support of our lovely backers. It's an amazing set at an affordable price.

In The Lone Wolf Adventure Game you are Kai Lords – brave and noble warrior-monks sworn to protect the realm of Sommerlund from the evil of the Darklords – adventuring across the world of Magnamund. You and your friends will face terrifying enemies and uncover fiendish plots, working together to overcome the wicked plans of the Darklords and emerge victorious!

The game is playable right out of the box – you can be setting off on your first adventure within minutes of opening the box. The game is easy to learn too, the first adventure teaching you how to play.

As you grow in experience, additional features can be added in to give the game additional depth. There are a bunch of these included in the boxed set, and more will be included in forthcoming supplements. Experienced gamers can dive right in with all the options included, while new gamers can tailor the learning curve to their group.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf gamebooks introduced a generation to fantasy gaming – now the legend continues with The Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Epic quests, thrilling combat, and a world of dangerous adventure lie ahead!

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