Lone Wolf – 26 Hours to Go


There are just 26 hours left for our Kickstarter campaign for The Lone Wolf Adventure Game – which means, if you’ve not pledged yet, you’d better do so quickly!

We’ve had a smashing weekend of pledges, clearing both the £45,000 and £50,000 stretch goals and unlocking a third Kickstarter-exclusive adventure and a hardcover Magnamund Bestiary. The totaliser currently stands at £53,000, which means we’re getting close to making the epic Terror of the Darklords campaign hardcover too.

As the campaign has been progressing, our art team – headed by Cubicle 7 art director Jon Hodgson – have been busy exploring concepts for our vision of Magnamund, as he explains:

How will The Lone Wolf Adventure Game look? What will our Kai and Giaks look like? How will it relate to the Magnamunds of the past?

The truthful answer is that we're only just beginning that journey. As art director I will be cutting my cloth according to our budget, and this is one of the reasons we're doing this Kickstarter. As well as building a community around the new game and gathering your ideas as to where the game should go, we're also finding out how many people want a new Lone Wolf game.

If we are lucky enough to get lots of full-colour books, then our art direction approach will be different than if we just do the core set in colour. I want to make sure we're getting the most visual bang for your hard-earned bucks!

However that doesn't mean the Cubicle 7 art department is sitting on our hands until the timer runs out!

Currently I'm digging into the work of NC Wyeth and Howard Pyle, as well as refreshing my memory for a certain vibe by watching some of the classic 1980s TV show, Robin of Sherwood. Looking at the work of NC Wyeth has proved highly inspirational – his handling of colour and light seems a really good “feel” fit to the maps by Francesco Mattioli.  You can see some of that influence below.

We've also begun initial concept work on monsters for the Magnamund Bestiary, as well as putting together the look of our Kai initiates for the boxed set.

This involves going back to the text, looking through all Joe Dever's many files that document the various incarnations of Magnamund, and of course speaking to Joe himself to ensure we're as close as possible to his vision of Lone Wolf.

We're really excited by the possibilities to present views of Magnamund and it's denizens that you haven't seen before, and bring our production values and visual ethos to Lone Wolf.

Here is a selection of our initial visualization work – this is all first draft stuff, and it's all a work in progress. Some parts of what you see here will make it into the final books, but inevitably some will not.”


"We're also starting work on the various covers we'll need for the boxed set in addition to the box art itself. I want there to be unique covers for each book and the introductory pamphlet, and I've combined them into a narrative. The Gamemaster’s Screen will slot into this too."


Make sure you check out the campaign to get your hands on these exciting add ons, not to mention the fantastic Lone Wolf Adventure Game itself!

Learn more at the campaign itself, or at our Lone Wolf page right here on the C7 site.

Finally, RPG.net are hosting a chat with Dom and Jon tonight from 830pm GMT - so if you've got any burning questions you want to find out the answers to make sure you check it out!

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