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We announced the Doctor Who Sourcebooks Later Years Subscription deal a month ago, and with the new Doctor hitting our screens in such wonderful style this weekend, now seems like a good time to offer a reminder!

When we first announced the Doctor Who Sourcebook series, we offered a time-limited subscription deal for fans to be sent each of the books as they were released. We were blown away by both the uptake of this deal, and by those of you who missed out asking if we’ll do another subscription.

As we’re over half way through the series, we thought the time was right to launch a new subscription deal to give fans of the game who missed out first time round a way to get themselves a great deal on the second half of the series, have them sent as soon as they are available, and to support us in the creation of this series. Note that this is a time-limited offer (no pun intended!).

The Deal – the Later Years

This includes:

  • Five titles: The SeventhEighthNinthTenth and Eleventh Doctor Sourcebooks (the first three books in the deal are 160 pages long, the last two 240 pages).
  • Both physical copies and PDFs.

The MSRP for these books will be $185/£126 plus shipping – the subscription deal is $165/£110 plus shipping, a saving of $20/£16.


The shipping rate depends on where the books are delivered to – 10% of the total order for UK/USA, 20% for Canada/Europe and 35% for everywhere else.


The Seventh Doctor Book is due to be delivered in October, with the PDF being available in Early September. The Eighth Doctor Book is almost complete, with the Ninth,Tenth and Eleventh Doctor Books well underway too. As originally announced, we aim to carry on releasing a book every other month. Of course, unanticipated delays can crop up, and in this case we will communicate with you on progress. In any case, subscribers will receive both the books as soon as they are available, and also get exclusive access to the PDFs before they go on sale anywhere else.

Cancellation and Refunds

If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel your subscription, we will refund your subscription fee minus the full cost and shipping of the books you’ve had already.

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