GM for Cubicle 7 at GenCon and Get Goodies.

C7GENCONCubicle 7 still has a few event slots open and needing Game Masters for Gen Con 2016! Can you help? Would you like to earn rewards for running Cubicle 7 games at Gen Con 2016? Time is short, so don't delay in responding if you'd like to get involved!

We currently have needs in most afternoon (4-8) and evening (8-12) slots for Doctor Who and The One Ring. We also have one Sunday slot (12-4) available for The One Ring.

We're offering the following rewards to everyone who helps:

1 event = A pdf of the rulebook and any supplementary material needed to run the adventure.

3 events = GM badge

4 events = $30 Cubicle 7 store credit

5 events = Free Cubicle 7 PDF of your choice

6 events = $30 Cubicle 7 store credit

These rewards are cumulative, so if you run 6 events you get PDF(s) you need to run the adventure (or multiple ones, if you’re running more than one game), the GM badge, a free Cubicle 7 PDF of your choice, and $60 in Cubicle 7 store credit! Store credit may be cashed in at the convention or at a later time.

We plan on supporting all of our major lines, but please note that we cannot guarantee that you’ll get to run a particular system, although please let us know your preferences. Each event is fully supported and designed with the beginner in mind, so even if you are unfamiliar with a particular system, rest assured that we’ll provide you with the tools you’ll need to run a fantastic game!

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know by emailing our event coordinator, Walt Ciechanowski at waltscie AT yahoo DOT com (please put ‘Gen Con GM 2016’ as the subject so we don't miss your email).

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