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The Eleventh Doctor Edition of Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space is a boxed set.  So what's inside the box? The short answer is a lot of stuff!  Whilst we can't quite claim it's bigger on the inside it certainly has that feeling.

So here's the box itself.  It's made of heavy duty card stock, and printed on both sides: As well as the characters we know and love on the outside there's also the image of the time vortex printed on the inside.  Slick!

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When you open your box the first thing you'll find is the "read this first" pamphlet. This is a four-sided guide on how and where to start your Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space (DWAITAS for short) journey.  If you've never played a role playing game before this will get you started in no time.  If you're a more experienced gamer then it will give you a brief introduction to the basics of the rules system and a quick look at the character sheet.

The centre of the "Read me first" pamphlet


Next out of the box are the three books that make up the core of Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space: The Player's Guide, which everyone reads, the Gamemaster's Guide which only the Gamemaster (or GM) reads, and the Adventures Book which is also just for the Gamemaster.  The Adventures Book is filled with all new adventures and is entirely different to the one that came with the Tenth Doctor Set.
These softcover books are full colour throughout and feature loads of images from the Doctor Who TV show as well as telling you everything you need to know to play the game, whether you're a complete roleplaying games novice or an experienced gamer looking for a fast, fun game system set in the world of Doctor Who.   The Player's Guide comes in at 94 pages long, The Gamemaster's Guide is 160, and The Adventures Book is 44 pages.

Underneath these sit a variety of character sheets. First up are sheets for the cast of characters from the show itself - The Doctor, Amy, Rory, River and Craig.  

If you've played Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space using the 10th Doctor Edition you'll notice some differences in the look of the character sheet. The all new character sheets are laid out in a landscape format. They have all the info you need about your character on the front of the sheet, and on the back there's a summary of the rules you'll need in play as a reminder.

Also provided are a range of pre-generated characters that will let you play a new character right out of the box, and give you lots of ideas for new characters of your own once you feel confident enough to start creating them.Then we have a load of blank character sheets that you can fill in yourself:There's plenty provided so you won't run short.  So when it comes to character sheets the box has loads! The characters from the show, the pre-generated characters and blank sheets.  This gives you a good idea of the range of options available when you play the game: You and your group can chose to play the characters from the show, use the new characters we've provided, or make up your own completely new characters from scratch. The joy of roleplaying games is that the choice is yours!

Underneath the character sheets are gadget cards.  Gadgets are a big part of Doctor Who, and they are a big part of the game, be it the Doctor's trusty sonic screwdriver, River's hallucinogenic lipstick, a vortex manipulator or 51st Century blaster.

Each card handily gives you all the information you'll need to make use of gadgets in play.  Also provided are blank gadget cards so that you can create your own gadgets specific to your own Doctor Who adventures.

There are three more things in the box. The dice: Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space comes with six dice, and this is all you need to play. These are regular six sided dice, so if you want everyone to have their own set they are easy to come by. No other dice are needed. Also included is a sheet of dozens of Story Point Counters which you will use as part of the game.  The very last thing (not pictured) is the special sheet of timey-wimey space cardboard.  This looks exactly like a regular piece of brown corrugated card, but in fact once removed from the box this creates a little extra space inside perfect for allowing all your counters, character sheets, gadget cards and books to sit inside very neatly. Very clever.


So you can see the box is stuffed full of great stuff.  Everything you need to embark on a great adventure!

If you're brand new to roleplaying games here's a little primer from the Player's Guide to explain what it's all about. Click the image to download a 5 page PDF introduction to roleplaying with Doctor Who:Adventures in Time and Space:


And the adventure doesn't stop with the boxed set.  You can expand your gaming options with our supplements. "Aliens and Creatures" is a further boxed set that brings even more Whoverse adversaries to your games.  "Defending the Earth: The UNIT Sourcebook" is a beautiful hardcover book that gives you all the inside information on UNIT, whether they appear as allies to your characters or if you chose to play characters from UNIT itself.  "The Time Traveller's Companion" is a gorgeous 240 page book filled with extra information on Time Lords, time travel, the Tardis and so much more.  With 2013 being the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game!

You can get all of the these boxed sets and books through your local specialist games store. We love games stores and encourage you to give them your support.  If you're unfortunate enough not to have a local store then you can order direct from us at our webstore here.

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