Dragonmeet 2013 Art Show

Our exhibiting artists will be happy to sign books and cards for you, and will be selling a selection of prints and original art on the day.  The Dragonmeet 2013 Art Show is curated by Andy Hepworth, and will again take place on the stage in the main hall.

Confirmed Exhibitors

Matt Dixon (Blizzard, FFG, Wizards of the Coast)

Matt Dixon is a digital illustrator and concept artist working in the UK. Gaming clients include Blizzard Entertainment ( World of Warcraft TCG ), Wizards of the Coast ( Dungeons and Dragons, Duelmasters TCG, Kaijudo : Rise of the Duelmasters TCG ), Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo Publishing and Privateer Press.

Andy Hepworth (AEG, Cubicle 7, White Wolf)

Andy Hepworth is an industry art veteran of many products including; Changeling, Exalted, World of Darkness, Legend of The Five Rings, Nightfall, AEG's Tempest board games, and Cubicle Seven’s Victoriana and Laundry lines.  Andy works with pencil and digital media and is based in Edinburgh.

Ralph Horsley (Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard, Paizo, FFG, Applibot)

Ralph Horsley is a freelancer illustrator with nearly two decades experience of producing artwork for all types of games. His current clients include Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Blizzard, Fantasy Flight Games, and Riot Games. He still favours working in traditional media to create original acrylic paintings noted for their lush detail.

Linda Jones (Mindjammer Press, Chaosium, Nemesis Now, Spiral Direct)

Linda Jones, has a love for dragons, fantasy, vampires, the supernatural and anything gothic which has served her well in both the gaming and commercial industries.  Within gaming, her work most recently features within the new Mindjammer Press product Monsters & Magic, but can also be found illustrating books for Cubicle 7, Postmortem Studios, Mongoose Publishing, Middle Earth Games, Spiral Direct, and Darkside Clothing.  Linda also forms one half of a new games company, Talking Skull, with her husband, Nimrod, with many products in development and upcoming.

Jason Juta (FFG, Wizards of the Coast)

Jason Juta a freelance illustrator and photographic artist based in London, UK.  His work can be seen in product ranges including Dungeon Insider, Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Star Wars RPG, Gamma World, Blood Bowl, Warhammer 40K RPGs, Pathfinder, Shadowrun and Battletech.

Sam Manley (AEG, Cubicle 7, FFG, Green Ronin)

©2013 Games Workshop/Fantasy Flight Games
Sam Manley is a relative newcomer to the industry, and has worked on various products including Legend of the Five Rings, AEG's Oath and Anvil and Battlelore: 2nd ed, Gun Metal Games' Totems of the Dead and Interface Zero, and Cubicle Seven's Victoriana and Laundry lines. Self-taught, his imagination is mostly fired by myths and legends, but he also loves darker science fiction.

Florian Stitz (AEG, Paizo, Privateer, Catalyst, Uhrwerk Verlag)

©2013 Privateer Press

Born 1978 in Berlin and now living in Dortmund/Germany Florian drawn since the beginning of time. Or at least that's what it feels like to him.  In 2006 he jumped full-time into the freelance-business and since then has worked as an art-mercenary for several gaming companies such as AEG, Catalyst Game Labs, Paizo, Privateer Press and Ulisses to name a few.  Often Florian works for the game magazines "Mephisto" and "Tabletop Insider", too.