Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set in US stores this week!

product-range-mockup_1200pxDoctor Who Time Clash Starter Set hits US stores this week! (With UK and European release date hot in its heels!)

The starter set features the Twelfth Doctor and the Daleks.

You’ll play cards representing plans, threats, tech, and quips to stacks that represent the time of the struggle, the Doctor’s companion, and the enemy’s influence. The two sides also compete to control the Doctor’s location, which activates or deactivates crucial powers.

Designed by Jeff Tidball, Doctor Who Time Clash is fast and fun, and with 9 game arcs included in the starter set offers huge replay value.

Plus in 2017 we'll be bringing you the Eleventh Doctor against the Cybermen, and the Tenth Doctor against The Master!

The Doctor card decks, Enemy card decks, and game arcs are all interchangeable!

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