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We launched the pre-order for the new edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game yesterday - you can find out more about that here. We've had lots of people asking us about the game, so today we thought we'd answer some of the most frequently asked questions about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of game is Doctor Who: The Card Game?

Doctor Who: The Card Game is a fast, fun card game about saving the universe from the Doctor’s enemies. You can read a more thorough description of how the game works here.

Who can I play?

Everyone plays as the Doctor and his companions, defending time and space from the incursions of the Doctor’s enemies. At the same time, you are sending incursions of enemies to attack the other players!

Can I play with 2 players?

Yes, we’ve added a variant set of rules so you can play with just 2 players! Or use the regular rules and play with 3 or 4.

What’s different about the second edition?

Doctor Who: The Card Game second edition features the same great game as the first edition. We’ve tidied up some of the rules text and put in some more examples. There are rules for playing with 2 players, too.

More importantly, we’ve added in loads of new cards, from the Ninth and Tenth Doctors to Rose and Martha, Clockwork Robots to Ironsides and a whole bunch of new locations, like Royal Hope Hospital (now on the surface of the Moon).

You can download the new rulebook here and see just a few of the new cards here.

I already own the first edition – do I need to buy the second edition?

Of course not! Your game will still be just as much fun as it always has been. If you want to carry on playing you can do just that – in fact, you can download the new rulebook here, if you like.

If you want a host of new cards, including new Doctors, companions, locations and enemies, then it’s well worth picking up the second edition too.

Can I combine both editions?

Yes, you can just shuffle both decks together into one super deck (for an extra long game), or pick and choose your favourite enemies, locations and characters from both. The two editions have different card backs, so you can easily sort them out again when you’re done, but this won’t stop you combining them. You can read more about doing this here.

Is my favourite Doctor in the new edition?

If your favourite Doctor is the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh or even Twelfth, then the answer is yes!

Can I still blow up the Dalek Flagship with a Jammy Dodger?

But of course! It’s our favourite trick. You can also turn the tide of battle with an Ironside or escape in the Valiant when the going gets tough, and many more new tricks besides!

I’m new to all this but I love Doctor Who. Will I still enjoy this game?

Yes! Doctor Who: The Card Game is designed to be accessible by anyone ages 13 to 1300, whether they’ve played a card game or not.

I’ve not watched much Doctor Who. Will I still enjoy this game?

It’s still a fun, tactical card game, regardless of whether you’re an avid fan of the show or not. Of course, you’ll get more out of it if you have watched the show, but you don’t need to be an expert to play (and win!) – maybe you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll go and watch some more episodes?

About Doctor Who: The Card Game

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Daleks! Cybermen! Sontarans! The list of threats is endless and no place in the universe is ever truly safe from danger. But there’s one man who’s made it his mission to defend the defenceless, help the helpless, and save everyone he can. The Doctor!

Doctor Who: The Card Game is by internationally renowned designer Martin Wallace, and has been designed for both seasoned time-travelling gamers and newly regenerated players.

In Doctor Who: The Card Game you:

  • Defend the universe with the Doctor and his companions.
  • Exterminate your opponents with Daleks, Cybermen and other enemies.
  • Control locations through time and space to win.
  • Use Jammy Dodgers, Sonic Screwdrivers and other clever plans to save the day.

The second edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game features the same great game as the first edition, but with loads of new cards, including the Ninth, Tenth and Twelfth Doctors, companions such as Clara and Rose, new locations and enemies, and a set of variant rules for playing with two players!

The game contains everything you need to play: a set of English rules, 132 cards, a set of counters and a player aid card.

You can pre-order the game here, and download a PDF of the new rulebook here. Delivery expected November.


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