Doctor Who Roleplaying Game? Tell me more!

So you're interesting in learning more about The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game? But there are all these different books, with different Doctors on them, right? Where do you start? We're here to help!

First up let's take a little journey back through time. How appropriate!

Let's go!

The History of The Doctor Who RPG

Way back in 2008 we published this boxed set, with The Tenth Doctor, magnificently played by David Tennant on the cover. It opened at the side with a hinged lid. Inside were a bunch of books, some dice, character sheets and tokens.
10th Doctor
This is colloquially known as the “Tennant Pizza Box”, and has sold out.

Now take a TARDIS leap forward to 2012. This year saw the release of a new edition with the wonderful Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith on its cover. This box was a heavy duty, two piece affair with a lid that lifted off. Inside were a bunch of books, some dice, character sheets and tokens. This set had some updated monsters to reflect the Eleventh Doctor Era, and some new adventures. The images from the show were new, as were the graphics, reflecting this new era in Doctor Who history.
DWAITASBoxOpenWe provided a free PDF upgrade pack for those who wanted just the new material. The new adventures were made available in PDF.

This is generally referred to as “The Matt Smith Box”, and also sold out.

Then in 2014 we released the Limited Edition Hardcover edition in celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who. For the first time the game was available in a single volume. This was an event release, and it is a beautiful book, filled with marvellous, unique, specially commissioned imagery.

Doctor Who RPG

This sold out even faster than we expected, and barring a few copies lurking in warehouses here and there is also sold out. It won't ever be reprinted.

You'll hear this one frequently described as the “Limited Edition Hardcover” and "super-gorgeous omg".

That's the story so far.

The Present

Parking up our TARDIS in 2015 we can witness the brand new release of The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. A gorgeous 256 page, full cover, hardcover book.

There are a couple of points to note here. The name has changed from “Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space” to “The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game”. Plans are afoot for further Cubicle 7 Doctor Who games, and we wanted to make sure you could tell which game was which! It also has the definite advantage of “doing what it says on the tin”.
DoctorWhoRPG1This single volume contains everything you need to get roleplaying in the Doctor Who universe: How to make your own characters, an easy to understand set of rules, advice on how to create stories that feel like they belong in the show, a two sample adventures to run through with your friends, along with stacks of great Who imagery!

So that's the history of the core rules – and they're the only thing you'll need to start your roleplaying adventures in the universe of Doctor Who.

The game has evolved over the years, with minor tweaks here and there, but at it's heart it's the same rock solid, tried and tested set of rules. It doesn't matter which of these you decide to pick up, they are all compatible. Finding those earlier incarnations might prove tricky though!

The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game is built to evoke the themes of the show, and its mechanics are structured to make Doctor Who style adventures. If you chose to have a player taking on the role of The Doctor the game rules balance out his huge powers so that the other players can also enjoy the game, with plenty to do. If you watch the show closely you can see that The Doctor needs his companions, and that's just as true in the roleplaying game.

Likewise, fast-talking, brain power and peaceful solutions to conflicts are rewarded, whereas those who try to use violence to solve problems will find, just like in the show, they've picked a sticky wicket!

Doctor Who RPG Pages1

Click for a PDF preview

Oh! And did we mention that like all our games, The Doctor Who Roleplaying game is beautiful?

Alongside the core rules there are a bunch of supplements. These add more options, more rules for different stuff you might want to add into your Doctor Who games.

The foremost of these are the Doctor Sourcebooks. These are not core rule books. These are comprehensive guides to every single adventure that each Doctor has undertaken, each with a ton of ideas on how to run those adventures at your own table, as well as how to bring the feel of each Doctor's era to your table. With character sheets and stats for each Doctor, his companions and adversaries, they are an invaluable Doctor Who resource for gamer and fan alike.
DoctorWhoSourcebooksThere will be a Doctor Sourcebook for every incarnation of the Doctor. Right now we're up to The Ninth Doctor, with Ten and Eleven not far behind. Ten and Eleven are both bumper-sized books, packed to the brim with the adventures of two of the more prolific Doctors. Keep an eye on our website for the latest news on their release in PDF and print.

You can get a taste of each of the Doctor Sourcebooks at our downloads page, where you can grab a free adventure writeup from each book.

We also have some supplements with broader focus – The Time Traveller's Companion brings a lot of optional rules for time travel and TARDISes, as well as a comprehensive history of Gallifrey and the Time Lords.
TTCpackshotDefending the Earth: The UNIT sourcebook provides rules for organisations and a more directly violent approach to problems in the Doctor Who universe, for those who would prefer to take a heavier hand than The Doctor. Lots of equipment, vehicles and even rules for larger combats are included.
UNIT500Finally we have a selection of PDF only adventures available via Drivethru RPG for when you need a quick set up to get playing fast! There's even a free one!
The Ravens of Despair Cover Web

The very latest edition of The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game goes on sale in US stores soon. It's available right now in the UK and Europe.

As we finish up the Doctors Sourcebook series, you'll want to stay tuned for more news of upcoming releases for The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game!


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