Doctor Who Humble Bundle is ending tomorrow!

Don't miss out! The Doctor Who Humble Bundle ends tomorrow, so time is running out.

To celebrate the announcement of the 13th Doctor, Doctor Who Roleplaying Game materialised at Humble Bundle! This is an amazing chance to grab the complete set of Doctor Sourcebook PDFs, and more, for a bargain price!

The Doctors Sourcebooks provide an incredible encyclopedia of the Doctor’s adventures through time and space, with every single on-screen episode detailed. They feature an analysis of the tone and themes of each Doctor’s tenure, offer adversary statistics and a ton of ideas on how to run similar adventures for your gaming group.

If you’d like to become a Doctor boffin, supercharge your games with deep lore, or just want to reverse the polarity of neutron flow then, now is your chance! You’ll be able to amaze your friends with your in-depth knowledge of every single episode, as well as gaining hundreds of ideas for your games.

But that’s not all!

Also included are:
Defending the Earth, the UNIT sourcebook, packed with invaluable UNIT lore and new rules.
Time Traveller’s Companion presents the really deep knowledge of Gallifrey, TARDISes, Time Lords, and brings new rules for building your own TARDIS!

We’re even giving you a 30% discount voucher for the hard copy versions of all our Doctor Who RPG titles.

And that’s not all! You also get a free to play, award-winning app game too!

AND a portion of the proceeds go to BBC Children in Need!

This is a strictly time limited offer so don’t delay! Allons Y!



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