Doctor Who Card Game – Card Previews 2

To kick the week off we thought we’d show off a few of the new cards from the forthcoming Doctor Who: The Card Game Second Edition.


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One of our goals for the new edition was to feature additional incarnations of the Doctor, along with the adventures and monsters that marked that era. So, along with cards for the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler, we’ve also got a new starting location card featuring the tower block that the Tylers lived in – the Powell Estate.

There are also cards featuring Bad Wolf, Platform One – where the Doctor took Rose to watch the end of the world in her first trip aboard the TARDIS – and perhaps the Ninth Doctor’s most memorable foe, the Empty Child. All together now: “Are you my mummy?”

Card art by Jon Hodgson, Sam Manley and Scott Purdy.

Doctor Who: The Card Game Second Edition is coming this summer from Cubicle 7 – keep an eye on the website for more card previews and information over the coming weeks.


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