Cultists Under The Bed Available for Pre-order

Cultists Under the Bed for The Laundry is available for pre-order now at the c7 webstore.  The PDF will be available this month (October), the hardcopy is expected December/January.  All pre-orders include the hard copy book and a complimentary PDF.

Our reality is ruled by monstrous gods, invisible horrors that hunger to consume us. Some deluded bastards worship these gods, trading obeisance for power or magic or the privilege of getting eaten last when the world ends. Cults are like cockroaches, breeding in the shadows, gnawing at the walls of society, fearful of the light… and bloody hard to kill.

This supplement for the Laundry Files roleplaying game delves into the murky realm of the cultist and the conspirator, detailing eight of the nastiest, most tenacious foes of the Laundry and dozens of minor ones.

Cultists Under the Bed is a 128 page black and white softcover by Cultists Under the Bed is a 128 page black and white PDF by Andy Klosky, WJ MacGuffin, Paul L Mathews, Brian Nisbet, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, and John Snead, featuring art by Malcolm McClinton and Scott Purdy.

The Laundry Files Roleplatying Game is based on the best-selling novels by Charles Stross. In the game, you play officers of the Laundry, that eccentric and underfunded agency dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom from unthinkable horrors. The Laundry uses the Basic Roleplaying System - the same system that powers the classic Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game (so you can easily convert adventures from one game to the other). As Laundry staff, you're trained to deal with the weird and ghastly spawn of the Mythos, you're equipped with the best equipment your committee-approved mission budget can buy, and you've got back-up on call from the SAS.

All of that means you're only terrifyingly underprepared, as opposed to completely screwed, when the shoggoth hits the fan.



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