Cubicle 7 update from Dom

You might have seen that we’ve got a few new faces at Cubicle 7. To be honest, we’ve been running light on staff for a while. When I look at the size of the team and what we’ve done, I’m more than a little amazed – it’s a testament to the talented individuals contributing to the company, and I’m honoured to be working with each of them. I’m equally honoured to be joined by such a talented bunch of new people too. It’s tremendously exciting to see the team grow and be able to put into place some changes in the way we work that I’ve wanted to be able to do for quite a while!

There are always new things to learn about running a company and improvements that can be made – and some things that you can re-learn time and time again as issues arise or you start to look at things from a different perspective as your experience grows. Something that has been brought home to me a number of times over the past few years is the need for more focus.

Some of the changes I am putting in place to make sure that we are focussing on the right things won’t be readily apparent – changes to our internal processes for example. Hopefully the effect of them will be seen as time goes on, as our release schedule settles down and more products come out on time etc.

A couple of changes will be more obvious. Communication will be one of those. It has been an area that I’ve been trying to improve on for some time, and while I think we’ve definitely made progress, there’s still some way to go. I’m starting a regular blog, and will open a new part of the forum where I will answer questions at least once per week, so please drop in for a chat!

Another visible change that I’ve had to make to the company is a reduction in the number of publishing partners we work with. I love helping people to bring their games out, and there’s so many talented people producing great games that deserve wider attention. However, it has become increasingly obvious that the lack of focus brought by this huge range was having a detrimental effect on the company.

Cubicle 7 is growing solidly; in headcount, recognition and in getting our games out there. Thanks to everyone for your support over the years. I hope that you’ll stay with us for what looks like an exciting future!


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